The case of Hang Du Muc being "interacted" by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved

PinkyJun 21, 2024 at 16:04

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The story of tiktoker Hang Du Muc being "physically impacted" by her Chinese husband, leaving many bruises on her b.ody, causing unreasonable j.ealousy is a h.ot topic that makes public opinion extremely concerned. Recently, Long Chun officially spoke out.

After a series of noises when her husband livestreamed her for not being responsible to the family, from being jealous of Quang Linh to being jealous of her manager, Hang Du Muc recently signaled for help from the online community, sharing pictures of her injuries. on the b.ody. Accordingly, on the evening of June 20, Hang Du Muc appeared on livestream with many strange marks on his cheeks, neck and hands. Her right hand also shows signs of difficulty holding the product. Although people left many comments asking questions, she did not read the comments and only focused on sharing about the product.

The case of Hang Du Muc being interacted by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved - Photo 1

Hang Du Muc's expression during the livestream also made many people wonder. She has a rather forced attitude and often forgets product prices. "Why do I keep forgetting prices today?" - Hang Du Muc said. From Hang Du Muc's livestream scene, many people also realized that she had returned to her husband's house.

Late on the evening of June 20, Ton Bang went on livestream again and admitted to having a "scuffle" with his wife, an incident that took place 3 days ago. "The other day it was still fine like that, but now everyone knows I'm a domestically violent man. She returned to Vietnam, I was jealous. She livestreamed, I made trouble. I know I was wrong, I wasn't right and I apologized last time. I really didn't mean to hurt my wife. Today's incident was because her cousin was filming. I grabbed the phone and didn't let her record it, so she punched my cheek My wife is not right, she is allowed to hit me and I am not allowed to arbitrarily hit back" - Ton Bang said.

The case of Hang Du Muc being interacted by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved - Photo 2

To Bang's condolences quickly made the online community angry and at the same time sad for Hang Du Muc's married life, because she had to suffer a lot from her husband. Many prominent figures on social networks also quickly got involved, including tiktoker Long Chun, who angrily posted an article, expressing sympathy for Hang Du Muc.

The case of Hang Du Muc being interacted by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved - Photo 3

Specifically, he wrote: "Looking at Hang Du Muc's story, I can't bear to feel sorry for myself. I've never had the heart to do anything to the person I love, in a relationship, no matter how badly that person treats me. Then I think about it later. If you end up not being able to be with your c.hild, it's very miserable. Not to mention giving up, there's no way it can go both ways." At the end of the article, Long Chun did not forget to emphasize and blame the patriarchal and controlling personality of To Bang - Hang Du Muc's husband.

The case of Hang Du Muc being interacted by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved - Photo 4

The post quickly received a lot of attention from netizens, most of whom agreed with Long Chun's point of view. Previously, in the early morning of June 21, Hang Du Muc posted a story saying he was washing his hands under running water. The marks on the hands are more visible when live. Along with that, Hang Du Muc wrote: "When they once again said to withdraw the case, they would leave me at home with my children and in the end..." It can be seen that she was too helpless in the face of this unfair marriage. , tired and desperate, had to ask netizens for help.

The case of Hang Du Muc being interacted by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved - Photo 5

Besides Long Chun, Quang Linh Vlog also took steps to protect her close sister. At a time when everything was still just a question, Quang Linh shared in a livestream on the evening of June 15: "Everyone has their own job. We work on social networks, if we love each other, people love us, but we already hate each other." No matter what you do, people will hate you. Then you'll be curious about this and that. Sometimes people don't understand when they're not in the story, so don't talk about it, just let it happen." And currently, in the middle of the storm, suspecting that Hang Du Muc was "physically impacted", Quang Linh Vlog posted the status: "Let's go home", accompanied by crying and angry icons.

The case of Hang Du Muc being interacted by her husband: Long Chun was upset and officially got involved - Photo 6

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