Pham Thoai's wife was accused of wearing a "fake" ao dai on her wedding day, what's the truth?

Tuyết NgọcMar 31, 2024 at 15:09

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Not long after the wedding ended, Pham Thoai's wife - Khanh Van was suddenly accused by a designer of wearing a "fake" ao dai on the big day. The clip recording the incident quickly attracted the attention of fans.

Recently, the wedding of Pham Thoai and his wife Khanh Van in his hometown of Hai Phong caused a stir in public opinion. On the wedding day, the bride and groom wore white ao dai, exchanged rings, and poured wine very lovingly. Many netizens are confused whether the fact that the male Tiktoker is getting married is true or just a ploy to attract attention.

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 1

However, the happy day had not ended long before Pham Thoai's wife was suddenly accused of wearing a plagiarized outfit. Accordingly, a designer posted a clip on TikTok with the content "The common feelings of designers". Specifically, at the beginning of the video, an employee suddenly said: "Pham Thoai and Khanh Van's wedding - the bride wore a fake ao dai...".

Next, this character said that the ao dai Khanh Van wore on her wedding day was identical to her design. "I have launched this product since October 2023, I will show everyone this design clearly."

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 2

Not stopping there, the designer also "accused" Pham Thoai's wife of blatantly asserting that her product is not too famous yet, so many people do not know that this is the original design. "I'm very sad that my intelligence was blatantly stolen by a certain studio," this person expressed.

Explaining the reason for posting the clip, the owner shared that she wanted to represent the voice of many designers out there who also encountered similar cases of "theft" of their brain matter. At the end of the video, she did not forget to send happy wishes to Pham Thoai and his wife. "Hope you two will see this video," she added.

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 3

This information immediately attracted a lot of attention from netizens, because Pham Thoai is famous as a male TikToker who regularly livestreams "closing orders" for billions of dollars, so why does he let his "partner" wear "fake" clothes? Although it is unclear what the truth is, the fact that his wife was "accused" made the online community surprised.

It is known that Pham Thoai's wife's real name is Nguyen Thi Thanh Van, also known as Khanh Van, born in 2001 in Bac Giang. After a series of wedding photos spread widely on websites, her beauty received a "rain of compliments" because she was as beautiful and sweet as any h.ot g.irl.

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 4

Khanh Van studied at Phuong Dong University (Hanoi) and tried many jobs from freelance photo model, KOL for brands, and has now turned her attention to the field of artistic makeup and content creation. .

With a beautiful appearance and harmonious face, Pham Thoai's wife quickly attracted about 1.7 million followers on the TikTok and Instagram platforms with more than 306K followers. This g.irl also attracted attention when she revealed her income of about 100 million VND/month at the age of 20.

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 5

Khanh Van and Pham Thoai have been together for 5 years. She was with the male TikToker when he was not yet famous, building a career together from scratch. At first, the couple often appeared together on livestreams or social networks. But as he gradually became famous, the frequency of their public togetherness gradually decreased.

Not to mention, the TikToker from Hai Phong often appears with impressive and beautiful cross-dressing images, so when news broke that he was getting married, many netizens couldn't help but be surprised. On social networks, there were rumors that Pham Thoai and Khanh Van broke up for a while but then got back together and now the two are officially getting married.

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 6

He also sent wedding invitations to close friends like Long Chun, Tun Pham... Receiving wedding invitations from close friends, the two could not hide their surprise and said they were very shocked, even I can not belive my eyes.

As for Khanh Van, currently, she chooses Nam Tien, spends time learning more about makeup, and has the opportunity to work with many famous artists. On her personal page, Pham Thoai's wife often shares content related to beauty and cosmetics with fans.

Pham Thoais wife was accused of wearing a fake ao dai on her wedding day, whats the truth? - Photo 7

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