Pham Thoai "crowned Miss", occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime

Đức TríJun 08, 2024 at 13:12

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Mentor The Shoppertainer - Pham Thoai has just made netizens wave, with a series of expressions of a lifetime in the finale of the contest. When hearing the announcement of his team's contestants becoming the champion, Pham Thoai had a celebration with 1-0-2, causing a fever.

The finale of "The Shoppertainer - The Closing Star 2024" took place on the evening of June 7 in Ho Chi Minh City, with careful investment in terms of visuals, stage and sound. Going through a long journey of contesting and training themselves through reality TV episodes, the livestream gods have matured day by day, bringing a night of competition to the audience in the final.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 1

Going through many group and individual competitions, especially the 10-minute livestream right on TikTok Shop, Yen Dan - a contestant of Pham Thoai's team had an impressive contest and officially won the Champion of the first season of Singles Star. This means that Yen Dan has received 100 million VND in cash from the Producer and many other gifts. Following the Champion of Yen Dan is Kan Hy - contestant of the Long Chun team won the 1st runner-up position and Marko Nguyen 2nd runner-up. Thus, Pham Thoai "won big" at this program when there were 2 contestants who won the Champion and Runner-up prizes.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 2

In addition to the spotlight for the w.inning contestant, Yen Dan, fans also simultaneously waved in front of the lifelong images of mentor Pham Thoai, at the moment when his team's contestant became the champion. Accordingly, Pham Thoai's team has prepared a crown in advance, to wait for the moment of victory, they will immediately wear it on the head of the male tiktoker.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 3

Specifically, before the MC announced the results, in the mentor row, Long Chun and Pham Thoai held hands and waited together, just like a miss contest and waited to see who would be crowned. Immediately after Yen Dan - Pham Thoai team was named Champion and Kang Hy - Long Chun team was the 1st runner-up, behind the team immediately crowned Pham Thoai, he burst into tears, sobbing because he was so excited and happy.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 4

This expression of Pham Thoai was quickly captured and shared dizzyingly on social networking platforms. The online community joked that he was really the one who was crowned in the finale, becoming "Miss Mentor" at the contest. This expression of the male mentor is also likened to a lifetime image in the history of reality television, because it is rare for a mentor to have the same extremely happy emotions as him.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 5

In addition, netizens also commented that Pham Thoai's celebration overshadowed the contestant of his team's Champion, Yen Dan. Because of the spotlight right after the final, all news sites were filled with images of Pham Thoai, more information about the winner Yen Dan.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 6

The Shoppertainer - The Closing Star 2024 is a reality TV show looking for new livestream elements, capable of professional sales, aiming to build a platform and elevate online business in Vietnam. The program is invested and produced by Huong Giang and Pharmacist Tien, taking on the role of host.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 7

Do Yen Dan was born in 1997, currently owns a TikTok channel with more than 400 thousand followers with more than 9 million likes. It is not difficult for her to impress viewers from the first seconds because of her impressive, funny, pleasant speech ability and outstanding beauty.

Yen Dan has graduated from 2 universities, the Faculty of International Relations, the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and the performing arts of ethnic folk dance at the Ho Chi Minh City Dance School. HCM.

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 8

Having dreamed of being a dancer, Yen Dan is conscious of taking care of her physique and skin thoroughly. With a beautiful face "without dead angles" and suitable for beauty products. She is a name that is "chosen to send gold" by many brands such as Downy, Sunsilk,...

Pham Thoai crowned Miss, occupying the spotlight of contestants, expressions for a lifetime - Photo 9

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