Juun D: Hotboy Vietnam's Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer

Phong TrầnFeb 26, 2024 at 17:21

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Becoming an internet phenomenon after the show " Vietnam's Got Talent", singer Juun Dang Dung is loved by many young people. Handsome appearance, modern music taste, 9x voice affirmed his name on the Vietnamese music circuit.

Singer Juun D, also known as Juun Dang Dung, real name is Dang Quang Dung, born December 31, 1993, in Quang Ninh. The h.ot b.oy's name is associated with famous songs such as: "Afraid that you know I still love you", "Love in the clouds", "Anyway", "Can I love you",... Emerging as a "phenomenon", the male singer captured the hearts of a large young audience with his emotional and unique voice.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 1

Juun Dang Dung possesses a bright stage appearance, delicate and handsome features. In addition, the male singer also has a very attractive b.ody, a standard b.ody that makes women fascinated.

In August 2015, Juun Dang Dung released his first solo song marking his professional musical path called "Anyway". In the MV, the male singer co-stars with Quynh Anh Shyn and delivers melancholy melodies full of sadness. From this moment on, he began to attract the attention of many young people with his relatively new musical thinking.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 2

After that, a series of carefully invested quality music products such as It Couldn't Be Anyone Else (duet with singer Suni Ha Linh), Thousand Clouds Love...Juun Dang Dung is considered a young generation of singers. Have popular music taste and keep up with trends. Besides, his fashion style is also very impressive and creates many new trends among young people.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 3

In 2016, Juun Dang Dung participated in the reality show Vietnam's Got Talent. Juun Dang Dung's performance is a singing performance that stands out because of its attractive images and emotional music. As a rare young contestant who chose the singing genre to compete among countless unique and strange talents, Juun Dang Dung was not left behind, on the contrary, the h.ot b.oy also affirmed his musical personality and style. notably unique.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 4

Although he only stopped at the semi-finals, Juun Dang Dung left a high impression on the audience with his handsome appearance, beautiful voice, and stylish fashion style that is not inferior to any famous star.

In 2018, Juun Dang Dung participated in the music show Sing my song - Best song and collaborated with rapper RTee. As contestants of Coach Giang Son's team, the duo has shown many unique musical colors on the show. Even though they made it to the Final Live show round, Juun Dang Dung and RTee still did not win the top spot. However, as a musician, the male singer has clearly affirmed his talent and charisma.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 5

With outstanding achievements and serious artistic activities, Juun 9x gradually asserted his name in the entertainment industry. The male singer's musical products all carry a personal impression and unique color. Possessing an emotional voice, the 9x male singer is loyal to passionate love ballads.

By 2020, the name Juun Dang Dung once again caused a stir among music lovers with the hit song "Afraid that you know I still love you". The song marks the return of the male singer after more than a year of absence from the music market.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 6

The song quickly "swept" all over the charts. For many weeks, the song has continuously maintained the top position on prestigious music platforms, "slowly" standing next to other "super hits" such as: "According to God's Will" (Bui Anh Tuan), " "Young man" (HuyR),...

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 7

At the peak of his career, the owner of the hit song "Afraid that you know I still love you" suddenly disappeared on social networks. All images and statuses on the male singer's IG profile suddenly "faded". The biographical information was also deleted and replaced with a series of confusing numbers.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 8

Fans can't help but wonder. Right now, the management company officially announced the change of the singer's stage name and brand identity. The stage name "Juun Dang Dung" will be replaced by "Juun D" on all platforms.

The management side said that changing the stage name helps Vietnamese artists better approach the international music market. His music products will also be invested more carefully and carefully to fit global music trends. Accordingly, in 2020, Juun D has the opportunity to cooperate with a professional international team.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 9

Not being stereotyped in any music genre, singer Juun D (Juun Dang Dung) always actively innovates to improve himself. With major changes in music direction, the public gets to see a more colorful, modern and personal Juun D with each passing day.

In recent years, despite still releasing music products, Juun D's reputation has cooled down. He often shares many photos and everyday moments with friends. Among them, female singer Suni Ha Linh often appears with him in many frames. It is known that the two have been friends for many years and to this day still make music together and pursue their passion for art.

Juun D: Hotboy Vietnams Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer - Photo 10

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