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Pedal the Wind 2024: Suni Ha Linh won 2 tournaments and is still absent from the w.inning squad

Thiên Di10:38:08 06/07/2024
After nearly 3 months of launch, Pedal the Wind 2024 officially ended with the Final Night with the participation of 33 billion people present in this year's season. The final result of the Representative of Vietnam - Suni Ha Linh made many people regret.

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Mai Davika causes fever with her muse-like fashion sense, the highlight being this accessory

Bút Màu17:54:17 21/06/2024
Besides her attractive hybrid beauty and slim figure, Mai Davika also makes people memorable with her stylish fashion style. The actress has quite a diverse style but still has a unique feature, which is femininity and charm.

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Mai Davika is suspected of being eliminated from Pedal the Wind 2024 after the noise of "beautiful butter" Suni Ha Linh

Bút Màu17:02:00 10/06/2024
Mai Davika's absence in the 4th round of the show made people suspect that she had been removed from the show. The actress also no longer posts promotions for Pedal the Wind as much as before.

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Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a "teacher" teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing

Nguyễn Kim21:31:08 03/06/2024
Suni Ha Linh's journey in China when participating in Pedal Wind 2024 has attracted the attention of the audience. Recently, the moment when Vietnamese representatives instructed billions of billions to sing Tonkin folk songs made many fans excited.

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LUNAS went all the way to China to assist Suni Ha Linh, revealing the results of the troupe?

Thảo Mai12:42:23 01/06/2024
Recently, social media has appeared rumors that the LUNAS group will go to China to film Pedal Wind 2024. The group of beautiful sisters from Vietnam also made special guests, supporting the contest for Suni Ha Linh.

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Mai Davika was accused of having a celebrity attitude and showing off to Vietnam at the show Dap the Wind

Đức Trí15:05:30 31/05/2024
Thai actress - Mai Davika is the center of attention at the show Pedi gi 2024. The details next to the Vietnamese candidate - Suni Ha Linh make people stir, thinking that she has an attitude. indifferent, not enthusiastic.

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Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing

Vân Anh16:25:10 11/05/2024
Suni Ha Linh lit up the stage in the second performance round, performing excellently and taking the spotlight as team captain. However, the results were not very positive, which made fans extremely worried.

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Breaking the wind: Tran Le Quan causes a fever, Suni Ha Linh - Mai Davika are both estranged?

Đình Như09:28:08 11/05/2024
As a Vietnamese opera actor (a form of traditional opera), emerging as a phenomenon on theater stages thanks to his attractive handsome appearance, Tran Le Quan is w.inning the hearts of the audience when participating in "Pedal the Wind 2024".

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Suni Ha Ling wore a short "1 glove" shirt showing off her waist, a behind-the-scenes clip that made fans fire

Quỳnh Quỳnh07:00:16 09/05/2024
With equally charming dynamic outfits, fans showered winged compliments on Suni Ha Linh. Netizens are extremely interested in the diverse casual fashion sense of the singer born in 1991.

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Suni Ha Linh "hesitated" at Pedal Wind 2024: Leaving first, being "beautiful butter" by Mai Davika

Thiên Di15:50:33 06/05/2024
Following Chi Pu, the only representative of Vietnam at Pedal Wind 2024 - Suni Ha Linh also entered the competition with many expectations from the domestic audience. However, recently, the singer Just Chill Go also encountered many troubles when participating in this program.

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Wind Ride 2024: Suni Ha Linh chosen as captain, news of elimination first?

Đình Như14:31:28 05/05/2024
After the team split, the beautiful sisters of Wind Ride 2024 officially entered the rehearsal for Premiere 2. Vietnam representative Suni Ha Linh received trust from teammates to captain this Cong.

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Pedal Wind: the stage of Zhang Yuxi team accused of plagiarizing BLACKPINK at Coachella

Phong Trần14:22:35 03/05/2024
The performance in the new premiere of Wind Ride 2024 is being hotly discussed for reminding netizens of BLACKPINK. Zhang Yuxi gave a performance that thought she was Jennie's version of Wind Pedaling.

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Pedaling the Wind: A beautiful woman had a dangerous accident, fell from a height, and broke her spine

An Nhi13:22:18 28/04/2024
Wind Pedal 2024 is one of the Chinese entertainment shows that audiences are most interested in currently. Recently, the news that a beautiful woman suddenly had a dangerous accident and fell from a height and had to be hospitalized in the emergency room made many people worried.

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Pedaling the Wind 2024: Suni Ha Linh was excited when Chinese fans "surrounded" her asking for autographs

Mi Lan07:49:29 28/04/2024
Suni Ha Linh is stirring up the Chinese entertainment industry with an impressive performance in the show Pedal the Wind 2024. Recently, a clip recording the scene of the female singer being surrounded and warmly welcomed by Chinese fans was shared on social networks.

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Kicking the Wind 2024: Truong Du Hi was so busy being beautiful that she forgot to sing and took 20 vocal lessons straight away

Phong Trần16:17:22 24/04/2024
Truong Du Hi was so busy being beautiful that she forgot to sing, which became a popular search phrase after the actress's first performance in Wind Pedal 2024. The beauty quickly announced that she was preparing to take 20 vocal lessons.

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Dap Gio "removed" Suni Ha Linh from the top 36, Truong Du Hi suspected of being harmed by BTC?

Keng13:34:57 23/04/2024
After the solo performances of 36 beautiful ladies, the official YouTube page of Wind Pedal 2024 also posted clips of each performance for fans to watch again. However, Vietnamese representative - Suni Ha Linh is the only person who does not appear on this list.

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Wind Pedal 2024: Suni Ha Linh has an unpleasant attitude when being commented on, far behind Chi Pu?

Bảo Nam13:33:10 22/04/2024
Just opening the opening of The Wind and the Wave 2024, Suni Ha Linh made a serious mistake. When criticized for her outfit, the female singer responded, making many people unhappy.

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Riding the wind: Suni Ha Linh speaks Chinese and "beats" Chi Pu, swings on a rope, making cbiz stir up

Minh Lợi15:08:23 15/04/2024
Suni Ha Linh is attracting people's attention when she announced her participation in the reality TV show Pedaling the Wind 2024. In addition to her beauty, the foreign language ability of the beauty born in 1990 is also a hotly discussed topic among netizens.

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Suni Ha Linh returned to the country, looking pale, after rumors of losing at Dap Gio

Chitshere17:12:46 11/04/2024
The image of the female singer going to the airport to return to Vietnam after the second group performance at Dap Gio 2024 has attracted the attention of netizens. Many fans couldn't help but worry when Suni Ha Linh appeared with a poor face after returning home

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Wind Ride 2024: The news that Suni Ha Linh team is favored, a series of billions of grievances quit the competition

Thiên Di10:48:12 05/04/2024
The information about Billion Billion Wind Turn 2024 is always of interest to the audience at the present time. Recently, the behind-the-scenes story of the show was suddenly revealed, causing Vietnamese and Chinese audiences to talk.

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Wind Ride 2024: Revealing the list of 2 beautiful sisters eliminated early, is it Suni Ha Linh?

Phượng Vũ13:50:04 02/04/2024
After the solo competition, the first group performance of 35 beautiful sisters at Pedal Wind 2024 has also finished recording. Notably, the results of this round have just been revealed on the Chinese social network Weibo.

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Pedaling the Wind 2024: Another Vbiz female star competes with Suni Ha Linh, is the evidence enough?

Kim Lâm10:20:18 27/03/2024
Suni Ha Linh is a female star who is receiving attention when she is said to follow in Chi Pu's footsteps to participate in Billionaires Who Ride the Wind and Turn the Waves 2024. Until recently, there was news that another Vbiz female star will also join Suni, attracting many people. attention.

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Pedaling the Wind 2024: Suni Ha Linh is a billionaire, doing one thing shows more ambition than Chi Pu

Nguyễn Kim14:36:27 21/03/2024
Suni Ha Linh is a female star who is receiving attention from Vietnamese audiences as she is the one following in Chi Pu's footsteps to participate in "The Wind Turns the Wave 2024" in China. Even though she hasn't been exporting for a long time, she continues to leave a good impression on the public.

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Son Tung and his old love group Ty Ty Dap The Wind Turn The Wave: 2 Vietnamese beauties, 1 Thai beauty

Kim Lâm16:55:26 09/03/2024
Recently, Son Tung and Suni Ha Linh were mentioned a lot by the public for their activities in the music field. During this time, many fans suddenly realized that Son Tung used to have the fate of being paired with the beauties of Billionaire Wind and Wave.

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