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Cao Ba Hung: Champion of the first season of Sing My Song, descendant of 7 generations of Cao Ba Quat

Châu Anh17:04:56 12/04/2024
Cao Ba Hung was once a h.ot name in the program Sing my song 2016 with his talent and impressive voice. In addition, this guy also surprised everyone when he revealed that he was the 7th generation descendant of poet Cao Ba Quat.

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Hakoota Dung Ha: Talented singer but lacking in "time", once retired due to stress

Uyển Đình14:29:36 30/03/2024
Hakoota Dung Ha is a Vietnamese male singer and radio host. He is best known to the public when he participated in the program The Voice of Vietnam in 2013. He is also a DJ and radio host of XONE RADIO, The One Radio.

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Le Thien Hieu: a transgender male singer who caused a fever thanks to the hit song "Mr. and Mrs. Anh"

Khánh Huyền16:48:20 25/03/2024
Le Thien Hieu is widely known as the owner of the hit song Mr. and Mrs. Anh. The transgender male singer also had a beautiful love affair with female singer TiA Hai Chau, which many people admired.

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Le Minh Son: male musician with many "unique - strange" perspectives on music

Khánh Huyền17:25:14 22/03/2024
Le Minh Son is a famous face known as a musician, musician, and son of the late musician Le Minh Chau. He brought many lifetime works to the Vietnamese music industry.

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Juun D: Hotboy Vietnam's Got Talent suddenly became a million-view singer

Phong Trần17:21:11 26/02/2024
Becoming an internet phenomenon after the show Vietnam's Got Talent, singer Juun Dang Dung is loved by many young people. Handsome appearance, modern music taste, 9x voice affirmed his name on the Vietnamese music circuit.

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LyLy was suddenly put into the "follow me only" group by Sunny Lukas, fans discovered that they had unfollowed Anh Tu

Gia Linh10:40:21 14/09/2023
Despite stopping quite early in the international arena, LyLy still managed to make a mark in the hearts of netizens with the combination with the beautiful Sunny Lukas. Recently, fans have just discovered that the singer and her rumored boyfriend Anh Tu have unfollowed each other.

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Bui Cong Nam: The "Chi Phèo" guy created a hit song at the wedding of the century of Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi couple

Huỳnh Phúc10:17:57 17/08/2023
Bui Cong Nam is no longer a strange name in the list of musicians who cool their hands in creating hits. He is also the silk man who contributed to the magnificence of the wedding of the Anh Tu - Dieu Nhi couple through this song Not to Act.

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Nguyen Hai Phong: Judge Sing My Song, once banned by his wife's family because of "uncertain future"

Ngọc Sa16:30:08 16/08/2023
Nguyen Hai Phong is known as the author of many famous songs such as: Curve, Innocence, Father Tell You,... The musician also often takes on the role of producer and professional judge for major music competitions and programs in Vietnam.

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Vuong Anh Tu: "Hit maker" is determined to lose 30kg to become a singer, admitting to having an affair

Minh Lợi11:28:56 12/02/2023
Vuong Anh Tu is known as the person behind the current famous hits. Currently, he is active as a singer. The difference in appearance showed that the male musician had to put in a lot of effort. Vuong Anh Tu: The golden name of the village created a hit, helping the name of the...

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Truong Thao Nhi - the owner of the hit "4 words" admitted to being stubborn, the runner-up Sing My Song has only come back for 6 years

Nam Phương18:33:06 11/05/2022
After many combination products that resonated in the Vietnamese music market, Truong Thao Nhi finally had a project with her own mark, called "New Record". Truong Thao Nhi is a familiar face to many audiences when she made an impression in 2 big music competitions: Vietnamese...

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