Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing

Vân AnhMay 11, 2024 at 16:25

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Suni Ha Linh lit up the stage in the second performance round, performing excellently and taking the spotlight as team captain. However, the results were not very positive, which made fans extremely worried.

In the second round of performances, Suni Ha Linh formed a group with Nicole Jung (former KARA member), Quach Thu Dao and Can Mong Giai.

The Vietnamese singer and her teammates performed the song Absolute Fog . This is a completely new hip hop song introduced to the public for the first time. With a vibrant melody, showing off her singing - rapping - dancing skills and Kpop-inspired choreography, Suni Ha Linh delivered a performance that was "pleasant to the eyes and ears" and surprised viewers with her transformation. the female singer's b.ody through each performance. The breakdance couple between Suni Ha Linh and Nicole Jung was also the part that made the billionaires "exclaim" with excitement and give them both a lot of applause.

Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing - Photo 1

The song's content tells about the path of a strong female wanderer, even when facing the storms in life. " Remember to raise your head and look at the sky, there are so many unknown things. You shouldn't always have to bear the burden yourself " is the female singer's first line on stage this time.

Sharing about the performance with her teammates, Suni Ha Linh said: " For performance 2, Suni chose a music genre that she has never had a chance to experience before, hip hop, and continued to challenge her introverted personality. As team captain, Suni really hopes she can help the team have a very professional and attractive performance. Suni is also happy to work in a team with diverse nationalities with Nicole Jung. Quach Thu Dao and Can Mong Giai, along with opportunities to learn more about the culture and cuisine of other countries ".

Because she is the captain, Suni Ha Linh also gets to wear a slightly more special outfit. The female singer is given "priority" to wear short pants that o.ff her slim legs while her teammates all wear longer designs. Besides, Suni's broadcast time is also quite a lot, she also had a dance comparison segment with former KARA member - Nicole Jung.

Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing - Photo 2

Previously, when episode 3 of Pedaling the Wind 2024 officially aired on Hunan Television (China), during the group meeting to choose the captain, Suni Ha Linh was trusted by her teammates and voted as the leader of the team. the whole team after listening to the female singer share her abilities: "I can speak Chinese and English, rapping and dancing are also things I can do well."

Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing - Photo 3

Despite such a fiery performance, when the Cong 2 rankings were announced, many people were surprised by the rankings that Suni Ha Linh's team achieved. Accordingly, her team only received 787 votes and ranked 7th out of 8 participating teams, just above the team of "witch" Mai Davika.

Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing - Photo 4

Some opinions say that it may be because the Suni Ha Linh team had to perform a completely new song, not familiar to the mass audience, plus the group has 2 foreign members (Suni Ha Linh and Nicole Jung) so maybe that's why they haven't been "favored" as much as other groups? However, there are also people who argue that maybe it's because Team Suni's performance didn't make as much of an impression as other teams?

- The stage was so beautiful, Suni Ha Linh's team also performed quite well but chose a bit of a song.

- I think this song is monotonous, it's a bit difficult to absorb but the choreography is so good!

- Now your hair is so pretty, more unique than the other girls. With a lot of center and screentime, the signal is positive.

- Or is it because this team has 2 foreign members that it gets low scores?

Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing - Photo 5

Even though her score is not as positive as other teams, Suni Ha Linh is still lucky to be chosen to move on to Performance 3 and according to leaked images online, she may even advance deep into the Finals.

Suni Ha Linh shined in Attack 2 as captain, but the results were still disappointing - Photo 6

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