Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love

Bút ChìJun 10, 2024 at 20:55

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Hai Sam, or Hisam as he still likes to call himself, his real name is Nguyen Tien Tung, currently a young singer and songwriter born in 1999. Hai Sam was born in Quang Ninh but grew up in Hanoi, the situation that he ranks among the best.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 1

Hai Sam's childhood is a very innocent and pure vibration in the pages of the writer Nguyen Nhat Anh's book. Later, life in Hanoi filled his memories with adolescent experiences, a little mature but no less interesting and mischievous.

Perhaps that's why when she was a c.hild, Hai Sam soon empathized and knew how to share with her parents' childhood story. Growing up, he was lucky to meet and interact with great friends in the city, to become more mature and understand the world around him.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 2

The first songs were written by Hai Sam when he was still in school, before he was really aware of or understood the complex laws of the parallel world called that music. Since he was a 21-year-old b.oy, Hai Sam has had about 21 songs independently produced by himself and collaborated with others.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 3

It can be said that composing for this b.oy studying Information Technology is naturally like breathing. It seemed to be fate, common sense, something that Hai Sam would do before and after, so it seemed that he didn't need too much motivation to compose.

Hai Sam's music is not as fixed as the way he always refreshes himself with multi-genre and multi-style songs. It's the rustic tone of the guitar, the whispers of voice messages, but sometimes you can also taste the fresh, vibrant taste of other modern instruments and tones.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 4

However, his compositions always meet at the intersection of full sincerity, like the narrative of a b.oy who embraces grief in the middle of the night. Hai Sam brought every piece of his person, every corner of his soul to e.xpose, turned into words, and did not hide it at all.

Before holding the mic to perform his own songs, Hai Sam only became a musician and was loved by many people on SoundCloud. He only really got closer to the public through the song Sleep written specifically for his friend Luc Huy to participate in the finale of the program Dream Start.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 5

With a unique music color, the song immediately won the hearts of the audience and the three judges. Not only did female singer Thu Minh express her desire to buy back the song, the young singer Dinh Huong then bought the copyright and changed her name to No need.

In 2018, Hai Sam participated in the second season of the Sing My Song contest, embarking on a bigger and newer playground to satisfy the desire of youth. As a person who is only used to writing music, playing the piano and singing alone, Hai Sam chose to accompany Phan Ngan to interact and express his songs more confidently.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 6

The elimination of this couple has brought many regrets to the audience watching the show, but Hai Sam did not express much regret. On the contrary, he thinks that this is an opportunity to determine his most correct direction on the path of singing.

In fact, there have been many people who have chosen to develop a professional path after stepping out of such reality shows. On the contrary, Hai Sam chose his own path when he still decided to stay in the Indie world and simply considered the show as a "change of wind".

Indie or Independent music is a term used to refer to an independent music genre that singers are owned from production to product release, regardless of their mainstream labels or subsidiaries.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 7

Hai Sam is the same, until now he still composes, makes music and produces products without relying too much on the surrounding factors. He is not in a hurry to follow a professional orientation but chooses the joy of making music alone, wanting to compose songs with something special and interesting.

Although he did not achieve high achievements, Hai Sam did not "empty-handed" when he stepped out of the Sing My Song playground that year, certified by his maturity and ability to conquer the stage, know how to interact and "open his eyes" to sing to interact with the audience, not stand still. closed his eyes as before.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 8

Hai Sam is also one of the creators of a very new music trend among young artists with music extracted from the close voices in the recording. Real people, real voices, real emotions, Hai Sam's music is not only delicate but also very close to the life of a music lover.

If Hai Sam of 2017 and 2018 was an adolescent b.oy with naïve and repressed feelings, it was Hai Sam of a year later who had completely different, stronger and more personality emotions.

It is the Sea Ginseng of the love pains that have simmered over the years in Toska with the image of loneliness sitting in front of flickering sparks.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 9

The lyrics continue to sound and stay in the hearts of the listeners, like a trail of insoluble cigarette smoke or a scorched ember of the deep pain, smoldering longing, and the erosion of memory.

For Hai Sam, to become attractive, the real factor is not enough, but there must be an emphasis and emphasis on the necessary places to become charming and interesting. At the age of 25, Hai Sam is a really mature artist with each song he makes with a completely different color and sound.

Hai Sam: The prince of soundcloud, the journalist who writes the voices of love - Photo 10

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