Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a "teacher" teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing

Nguyễn KimJun 03, 2024 at 21:31

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Suni Ha Linh's journey in China when participating in Pedal Wind 2024 has attracted the attention of the audience. Recently, the moment when Vietnamese representatives instructed billions of billions to sing Tonkin folk songs made many fans excited.

Suni Ha Linh is the Vietnamese representative at Pedal Wind 2024. Recently, Suni Ha Ling had a busy schedule flying to China to film for the show. Suni Ha Linh's journey is receiving the attention of a large number of online communities in the country. Every performance as well as the shaping at her show became the talk of fans.

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 1

Recently, Suni Ha Linh also posted a clip instructing beautiful sisters Vinida Weng and Lieu Yan to learn to sing Bac Ninh mandarin folk songs, specifically the song "Beo drifting clouds". Before learning to sing, Suni Ha Ling also wholeheartedly explained so that the Chinese female stars could understand. Although it was still a bit awkward in the early stages, after that, 2 billion billion still performed quite smoothly the song "Drifting Clouds".

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 2

Needless to say, netizens have praised this lovely moment: "Ms. Vinida sang for the first time, why is the pronunciation so correct?", "Wow billions sing Vietnamese properly, hope this next time the premiere will sing the song calling for scores", "Hey it's so fun, cultural exchange, The prize is iconic!" ...

Currently, Suni Ha Linh is gradually advancing to the important rounds of Wind Ride 2024. According to rumors, Vietnamese representatives are one of the faces competing in the upcoming finale. Although the personal ranking of the singer I know has slightly fluctuated through the weeks of competition, it can be seen that her mood is still extremely relaxed.

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 3

As the only Vietnamese representative to participate in Wind Ride 2024, Suni Ha Linh is very active in promoting the country to international friends. Right in the first round, the singer wore 1 stylized dress to debut the contestants of your country. After that, she brought the song "Just chill" which is very popular in China. In one round of rehearsals, the singer also proudly chanted that she is from Vietnam and now also leads the international sisterhood to sing Tonkin folk songs.

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 4

Not long ago, the image of Suni Ha Linh in a long flowing dress after recording Pedal Wind was also receiving many winged compliments from people. Suni Ha Linh "broke the heart" of fans with her radiant and sweet look in an organza silk tunic with striking and sparkling floral motifs.

The delicate and harmonious color scheme of this dress has helped the singer's appearance more feminine, smooth but still very luxurious and impressive. She also chooses a neat bun hairstyle with gentle makeup to enhance her delicate and sympathetic features.

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 5

In addition, netizens also talked about Suni Ha Linh's recording session. Earlier, social media spread the news that Suni Ha Linh had recorded for Cong 4 in Pedal Wind and was likely to enter the Final. With Suni Ha Ling still in China constantly filming new pictures and appearing with meaningful outfits recently, many people question the singer can replicate the achievement that Chi Pu did at Pedal Wind 2023.

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 6

Pedal Wind (also known as Billion Billion Pedal Wind Turn Wave) is one of the h.ot music programs in China that gathers many artists over 30 years old working in many fields in the Asian entertainment industry to participate. In the 4th season, Chi Pu is the only Vietnamese artist competing with other "beautiful sisters". The journey of the singer Rose is not only followed by Vietnamese fans but also received the support of a large number of international fans. It can be said that participating in Pedal Wind was a big turning point in Chi Pu's career.

Pedal Wind: Suni Ha Linh as a teacher teaching Vietnamese singing, a billion billion extremely smooth singing - Photo 7

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