Jisoo - Rosé "confronted" tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end

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After their time away from YG, the BLACKPINK members are all active with tight schedules. Recently, Jisoo and Rosé attracted attention with a series of achievements from music to fashion that made fans extremely proud.

After a long period of contract negotiations, the 4 BLACKPINK members finally decided to only renew their group contracts with YG. They all set up their own companies to develop their own careers. The members of Blackpink are dominating the music charts as they prepare for future solo projects under their own labels.

Jisoo - Rosé confronted tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end - Photo 1

The Circle Chart, an important indicator of the popularity of songs and albums in South Korea, announced Rosé's achievements with her debut single album "R", which sold 900,000 copies. This milestone made R the second best-selling album by a solo female artist, behind only bandmate Jisoo.

Meanwhile, Jisoo's album Me set a record as the best-selling album by a solo female artist in Korean history with sales surpassing 1.5 million copies on the Circle Chart. This achievement underscores Jisoo's steady sales growth and solidifies "Me" as one of the best-selling albums of 2023.

Jisoo - Rosé confronted tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end - Photo 2

Recently, Paris Fashion Week 2024 is currently a prominent event and receives a lot of attention from audiences around the world. In particular, the presence of two popular K-Pop stars Jisoo and Rosé from the group BLACKPINK immediately attracted all eyes of the media and the audience.

As ambassadors for Dior and Saint Laurent, both wore striking outfits at fashion house shows. As ambassadors for Dior and Saint Laurent, both wore striking outfits at fashion house shows.

At Yves Saint Laurent's show, Rosé appeared to the cheers of the fans present. The idol wore a brown dress, paired with stylish sunglasses. Her outfit was highly praised, demonstrating Rosé's increasingly "elevated" taste.

Jisoo - Rosé confronted tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end - Photo 3

She was sought after by the media and fans. The French fashion house also showed special favor to the ambassador, when Saint Laurent VIP Director Emmanuel Tomasini personally welcomed and led Rosé's hand on the red carpet.

Currently, the images and videos of the "Australian rose" are receiving a lot of interaction on social networking sites. This proved Rosé's status as an international star.

Meanwhile, Jisoo impressed when he appeared at Dior's fashion show. Unlike her sister in the group, Jisoo surprised the audience by attending Paris Fashion Week with two adorable braids and an outfit that blended elegance and glamour. The combination of hairstyling and outfits does not seem to "fit" but in fact makes the "eldest sister" BLACKPINK become younger and more accentuated in this appearance.

Jisoo - Rosé confronted tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end - Photo 4

During Dior's show, Jisoo sat in the front row, alongside many powerful figures such as the husband and wife of LVMH's chairman and billionaire Bernard Arnault, Dior CEO Delphine Arnault and singer Rosalía.

After the event, Jisoo immediately became one of the most talked about names at this year's Fashion Week. Many fans have called her "living Dior" because of the elegant beauty that Jisoo brings when wearing this outfit from this high-end fashion house.

Jisoo - Rosé confronted tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end - Photo 5

Jisoo and Rosé's appearance quickly gained a lot of love from the public. Keywords related to the 2 BLACKPINK sisters also quickly reached the top Trending on platform X (Twitter). Currently, fans are also looking forward to the appearance of the other 2 members, Jennie and Lisa, at Paris Fashion Week.

Jisoo - Rosé confronted tension after leaving YG, eldest BLACKPINK sister than lost to the end - Photo 6

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