Rosé "doubled down" fans on her birthday, made a "suspicious" move about new plans

Phi ĐứcFeb 12, 2024 at 12:12

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Rosé constantly has surprise gifts for fans on her birthday. She also showed off her new music and released hints r.evealing her solo plans in the near future, making fans extremely excited.

As is customary every year, Rosé's birthday brings many surprise gifts to fans. Rosé's birthday this year coincides with the 2nd Lunar New Year. Celebrating the new age, the BLACKPINK lead vocalist has "shocked" social media when he officially opened a chat channel with fans on Instagram. Rosé's notification channel amassed 500K participants in just 30 minutes. Here, Rosé always demoed a new song that made fans extremely excited.

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 1

The demo was teased by Rosé for her brand new English song called "vampirehollie". Rosé's sweet voice is deeply nostalgic. Despite only releasing 20 seconds, fans could not stop replaying to listen to the gentle, deep melody of the music personality "Australian rose". The demo made people look forward to the new song, listening to 20 seconds is not enough for BLINK.

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 2

Not stopping there, Rosé also revealed more solo performances in the near future, determined to form her own fandom. The BLACKPINK lead vocalist asked fans to name the fandom. Also today, the singer set up her own announcement channel to interact with fans on Instagram. Rosé's move sent the fan community into a frenzy. This further confirms the possibility that Rosé will soon make a comeback as an independent artist in 2024. Before that, she released "hint" as music in the US.

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 3

With these moves of the singer born in 1997, fans are extremely eager and supportive of every next journey of the idol. Because compared to her teammates, Rosé is the quietest person to date.

Meanwhile, Jennie recently started her independent management company under the name ODD ATELIER. On KBS 2TV's The Seasons music show Lee Hyori's Red Carpet on January 5, Jennie also revealed the reason for her decision to start the agency: "I wanted to explore my personal activities more freely, which made me wary of starting my own company."

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 4

The eldest sister Jisoo also hinted at a business partnership with her brother. Specifically, Jisoo's brother posted a job posting on the job search platform for the b.aby health supplement brand he represents. In that announcement was a picture of Jisoo, hinting at their foray into the entertainment industry under the pseudonym Blissoo.

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 5

The accompanying company description emphasizes the rapid global expansion of the K-pop industry, aiming to create unique synergy between artists and startups.

This collaboration aims to jointly accelerate the artist's career trajectory and strengthen bonding with K-pop fans.

On February 8, Lisa officially announced the opening of her own company called LLOUD. Contrary to anticipation of a new cosmetics brand or music project, Lisa started her own company. Lisa's post touts LLOUD as a platform that embodies the idol's vision for music and entertainment: "Join me on this exciting journey to push new boundaries together."

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 6

Lisa's company carries the message of "a blend of sound and innovation": "Not only are we pushing boundaries, we are redefining them, creating top-notch music that tops the charts without being constrained by genres," reads the company's website.

Since deciding not to re-sign with YG, the members have all had their first hints about their exciting upcoming journey, making fans look forward to it. Rosé is expected to explode in the future with her pursuit of music.

Rosé doubled down fans on her birthday, made a suspicious move about new plans - Photo 7

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