Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives "pet daughter" an exclusive gift

Nguyễn KimMar 02, 2024 at 11:35

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BLACKPINK's Jisoo since becoming "president" with his own agency BLISSOO has increasingly asserted his reputation. Recently, when appearing in France to attend the fashion show, Jisoo was treated extremely specially, not ashamed to be "Princess Dior".

On February 27 (French time), as a prominent guest and the only Asian ambassador at the Dior Fall/Winter 2024 show within the framework of Paris Fashion Week, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) became the focus of international media attention when attending the Dior show within the framework of Paris Fashion Week.

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 1

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 2

Here, the brand ambassador wears an elegant and luxurious black suit. She received the attention of a large audience as well as international media. This style and undefeated beautiful face make Jisoo stand out in every frame. Not ashamed of K-pop's top beauty goddess, Jisoo took the spotlight from the moment she entered the venue.

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 3

Upon arriving in France, Jisoo received a warm welcome. As soon as she arrived at the familiar luxury hotel, where Jisoo usually rests every time she goes to Paris for Dior events, the singer is prepared with many gifts by the French fashion house and the hotel.

According to the image shared by Jisoo on her Instagram account, the room she stayed in was displayed with many beautiful vases, invitations to the show from Dior and valuable gift boxes.

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 4

In it, netizens noticed a handwritten card sent to Jisoo by Dior's Perfume Creative Director, Francis Kurkdjian, which read: "Dear Jisoo. I hope you enjoy using this exclusive perfume bottle, I created it just for you."

The "exclusive" gift Jisoo received from Dior made the public admire. On social media, most people assume that Jisoo is receiving treatment worthy of the value she brings to the brand. That is why the singer is hailed by the media as a "Dior princess".

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 5

During Dior's show, Jisoo sat in the front row, alongside many powerful figures such as the husband and wife of LVMH's chairman and billionaire Bernard Arnault, Dior CEO Delphine Arnault and singer Rosalía.

Jisoo's appearance in France also took social media by storm, becoming one of the most talked about names at this year's Fashion Week. Many fans have called her "living Dior" because of the elegant beauty that Jisoo brings when wearing this outfit from this high-end fashion house.

The hashtag #JISOOxDiorAW24 ranked in the top 3 global trending on the Twitter platform, while the keyword "JISOO THE HUMAN DIOR" was right behind with the top 4 global trending position.

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 6

A few days ago, Jisoo also officially launched his own company called BLISSOO. Blissoo's official website has been completed and made public. On the referral website:

"BLISSOO with the charismatic artist "Jisoo" in a special space like a gift box containing Jisoo's boundless happiness.

Jisoo wants to bring joy and happiness to fans with his diverse images and endless charisma. We hope that every moment you spend with Jisoo at BLISSOO will be a special and meaningful experience."

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 7

Jisoo is the 3rd member of BLACKPINK to form his own agency, after deciding not to renew his individual contract with YG Entertainment. Jennie announced her own company, Odd Atelier, late last year. Lisa announced the launch of LLOUD earlier this month.

According to Xports News last month, BLISSOO is a subsidiary of Biomom, a nutritional supplement company headed by Jisoo's brother.

Jisoo stirs up media, Dior gives pet daughter an exclusive gift - Photo 8

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