Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination?

Hoàng PhúcJul 16, 2022 at 09:18

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Fans expressed disappointment that Jisoo has never had a solo music product. Although knowing that it was YG's plan, this action made many people angry and thought that the company was discriminating against the eldest sister Blackpink.

Up to now, Blackpink has 3 official members with solo music products.

In 2018, Jennie was the first Blackpink member to debut solo with the title song SOLO. When it was released, the song stormed the music charts and is still the highest-viewed solo product of a female idol.

Nearly 3 years after Jennie's solo debut, in March 2021 the next member is Rosé who just debuted solo with On The Ground and Gone. She also set many records with her hits.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 1

Also in 2021, Blackpink did not launch group music products, but focused on member Lisa to debut LALISA and M.oney i.n September 2021. Meanwhile, Jisoo participated in the movie Snowdrop.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 2

However, only filming without a product launch like other members, Jisoo's fans are not satisfied with this direction of the management company YG.

From the beginning of 2022 to the present, the rumor that Blackpink will soon return and go on tour has always been a constant, raising fans' hopes. However, a part of fans expressed dissatisfaction because there has not been any announcement about the debut product of the eldest sister Jisoo.

Recently, when YG announced the exact information that Blackpink would return this August, fans were excited. However, others are disappointed because Jisoo's solo project will definitely have to be postponed to prioritize the group's overall plan.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 3

In Blackpink's recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Jisoo expressed concern and has not really determined about individual products.

Thus, currently, the information about Jisoo's solo debut is still quite vague. Before that, there were many sources that the eldest sister Blackpink would have a new product at the end of 2022. However, it was all just speculation.

But according to Korean media, it is reasonable for YG to focus on Blackpink's comeback as a group in August instead of Jisoo's debut. Because August is Blackpink's 6 year anniversary. Plus, Blackpink has had up to 2 years without a group product, if it continues for a long time, it will make their fans disappointed and depressed.

Therefore, letting Jisoo debut after that is considered an inevitable direction. This is also the time when Jisoo will have more time to prepare more carefully for her products.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 4

Although not releasing a solo music product like the other 3 members, Jisoo is still a member with the ability to make huge m.oney. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Blackpink's eldest sister has an estimated net worth of 20 million USD (about 463 billion VND) as of June 2022.

Notably, Kpopstarz said that Jisoo is the richest beauty in Blackpink with the highest net worth among the members, followed by Rosé, Lisa and Jennie.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 5

Like most other idols, Jisoo earns a lot of m.oney through promotional activities with Blackpink, such as from music releases, promotional activities, brand ambassador contracts, appearances on the Internet. programs...With Blackpink's increasing popularity, Jisoo is one of the top and most sought-after idols in the entertainment industry.

While members Rosé, Lisa and Jennie made their solo debuts, Jisoo chose to pursue an acting path and left a mark with her first lead role in the 2021 TV project "Snowdrop" of JTBC, a couple. Jung Hae In.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 6

Despite the controversy before and during its release, the film still received widespread love around the world, affirming the position of the beauty born in 1995 as a rising star of the Korean screen.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 7

Jisoo collaborates with a variety of brands including Samsonite, Nikon, LG Electronics, Smart Uniform, Kiss Me and It Michaa. She showed her influence in the fashion field when taking on the role of Dior's global ambassador and has been working with this luxury fashion house since 2019. She is considered the most successful muse in Dior history. , helping the brand value increase to 484% of revenue thanks to its impressive reputation and attraction. In addition, she is also the brand ambassador of Cartier.

Jisoo's solo debut after Blackpink, is YG's right direction or discrimination? - Photo 8

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