MisThy was indignant at Dam Truc's actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat

Diệu AnhMay 08, 2024 at 21:57

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Recently, MisThy reacted to Fat Cat on her YouTube channel, she expressed her feelings and outrage at Dam Truc's actions, causing the female streamer to "cry tears" because of her love for Fat Cat.

Accordingly, MisThy has posted a reaction video on her youtube channel about the tragic love story of Fat Cat that has been causing a stir in the past few days. It is known that Fat Cat was born and raised in a family that did not get along very well. His parents divorced when the b.oy was young. All his childhood Fat Cat always grew up with his mother, lacking the warmth of real family.

MisThy was indignant at Dam Trucs actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat - Photo 1

In the video, MisThy couldn't hold back her emotions when she heard Fat Cat's pitiful story. Not only fans, MisThy also felt sorry for the young man born in 2003, she expressed: "The situation of Fat Cat makes me feel extremely sorry." Besides, the female streamer was also upset when Fat Cat did not recognize Dam Truc's nature, in the messages, this g.irl clearly showed her mind and tricks.

According to MisThy, Dam Truc missed acting, why not act for a while, say goodbye gently, not so definitively. How much m.oney to take from people says to break up is to break up. In addition, the tragic love story of Fat Cat makes MisThy think of a movie. The streamer couldn't believe what happened was true in real life.

MisThy was indignant at Dam Trucs actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat - Photo 2

Up to now, a series of news about Fat Cat appeared everywhere and spread messages between Dam Truc and him after Fat Cat died. Specifically, Dam Truc still texted asking "why did you r.eveal your information?" If this is true, then indeed this g.irl has nothing more to say.

MisThy was indignant at Dam Trucs actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat - Photo 3

The man surnamed Luu, also known as Fat Cat, is only 21 years old, embracing a deep first love with his girlfriend Dam Truc. However, the girlfriend took advantage of the Fat Cat's emotional weakness and constantly demanded. Even in 2 years of love, they only met twice, the rest talked online. The Fat Cat made the mistake of accepting it without a hint, pouring all his heart, energy, and possessions into her. But all the young man got back was his girlfriend's indifference. In desperation, the Fat Cat chose to leave, leaving behind immeasurable grief for his family and friends.

It is known that Fat Cat is meeting his girlfriend named Dam Truc (born in 1997, from Chongqing) through the game. During their relationship, he transferred to his girlfriend a total of 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion). His girlfriend demanded that he make a note of each transfer as a "voluntary gift."

When Dam Chu says he doesn't want to be in a long-distance relationship, Fat Cat accepts to move to Chongqing to be near her. The economic situation is difficult, so in order to have m.oney to support his lover, Fat Cat tries to "plow" rented games and play games every day.

MisThy was indignant at Dam Trucs actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat - Photo 4

The sister of Fat Cat said that during their relationship, the b.oy constantly worked hard for 15 hours a day, did not dare to eat well or shop. All the m.oney that this guy earns goes directly to his girlfriend. He had to live frugally, in a shabby boarding house, unable to afford a quilt in the winter. Each meal, he only ordered food outside for 10 yuan (about 30,000 VND), even when he vomited b.lood, he did not dare to spend m.oney to go to the doctor. However, in response to Fat Cat's efforts, the girlfriend unexpectedly said goodbye just a month before their planned marriage registration.

After several unsuccessful attempts, the Fat Cat made a foolish decision. His last words before leaving: "I don't want to eat vegetables anymore, I want to eat McDonald's" touched the hearts of many people. While he hasn't eaten good food in his whole life, many Chongqing residents order a lot of expensive hamburgers and fried chicken and ask the delivery man to bring it to the bridge where he left in the hope that in the next life, he can eat well and love himself.

MisThy was indignant at Dam Trucs actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat - Photo 5

On social networking forums, many people consider the heartbreaking story of Fat Cat as a wake-up call for young people to draw lessons about life and love, especially when love needs sanity to recognize what is true love, because blindness can lead to great tragedies.

MisThy was indignant at Dam Trucs actions, crying tears at the Fat Cat - Photo 6

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