HIEUTHUHAI "spits smoke" because of Duc Phuc's patriarchy in Drunk Brother

Hoàng AnhJun 20, 2024 at 16:16

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On the broadcast of the show My Brother Says Hi, HIEUTHUHAI had unexpected confessions about group leader Duc Phuc. The male rapper criticized his senior's production as cheesy, but Duc Phuc's side was determined to protect the idea to the end, even though shelves are labeled patriarchal

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 1

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 2

As the group leader, Duc Phuc is still determined to defend his point of view

After episode 1 of Say Hi, the developments related to the competition and cooperation of the 30 male stars on the show made the audience watch and "be curious". Recently, the show announced a teaser of upcoming developments in episode 2. MC Tran Thanh said there will be 6 teams competing with 6 different concepts, and in this round there will be a "brother" who will be eliminated. This has created pressure, causing contestants to have arguments during practice.

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 3

Most notably, HIEUTHUHAI had a disagreement with the group's leader, Duc Phuc. The male rapper expressed his opinion that the senior's production was too cheesy. As the group leader, Duc Phuc is determined to protect the idea to the end, despite the worries of HIEUTHUHAI and Cong Duong. HIEUTHUHAI frankly said: "I'll say it straight, princes and princesses, this is so cheesy!", while Cong Duong said: "I don't know how many centuries they've been doing this concept. Already". Despite being opposed by group members, Duc Phuc still decided to ignore everyone's suggestions and affirmed that he would only listen to his own decisions with a very confident attitude: "Emphasizing that Duc Phuc is not patriarchal." . Phuc is just the group leader."

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 4

Not only did Duc Phuc's team have a controversy, but Isacc also had an extremely tense expression when he said: " Editing and practicing exercises also takes a lot of time to connect everyone. If the performance doesn't work, I feel very bad. " is news". The male singer asked his team members directly: "I'm serious, are you guys afraid of being eliminated?" . NEGAV replied: "So I will be the first to be eliminated right on livestage 1" .

The most stressful internal situation during dance practice is the No Far, No Star team. Group leader Song Luan revealed: "There are many disagreements. Tage is determined not to dance." HURRYKNG said: " Tage is very difficult to approach! Very tense, very uncomfortable."

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 5

Tage left, expressing frustration while the group members were practicing

According to the game rules announced in the previous episode, by choosing the same demo as guest Nanon's choice, the Don't Care team will receive an additional 50 points if their group is voted in the Top 3 after the performance. to act.

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 6

Anh Trai Say Hi is a reality TV show about music, with the participation of 30 artists, called "brothers". They are all active in many fields of art. The program promises to bring exciting and exciting entertainment moments through musical performances. Along with that were funny and surprising moments from the participating artists.

The rules of the program are that these artists will go through many rounds of competition to perfect and upgrade themselves. The ultimate goal is to earn a spot in the w.inning band. After each round, the contestants will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Those with good results will continue to advance to the next round. While those who do not meet the requirements will be eliminated from the competition.

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 7

During the process of participating in the Say Hi Brother program, "brothers" will be trained by experts in the music and performance industry. They have the opportunity to perfect their skills through training and mentoring sessions. In the final round, the best contestants are selected to form a music group. The w.inning group will have the opportunity to debut and develop their music career with the support of the program and partners.

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 8

In this year's Anh Trai Say Hi cast, Quan AP is considered an omnipotent "older brother", excellent in both singing and dancing. Isaac is also a notable face. Formerly a member of group 365 and then working independently, Isaac has many years of experience in the entertainment industry and is considered the "oldest brother" among the contestants.

In addition, the program also has the participation of gen Z singers and rappers, attracting the public's attention. Including names like HIEUTHUHAI, Phap Kieu, Duc Phuc, Erik... Along with that is the presence of prominent faces in the film industry but still returning to the music field such as Song Luan, Anh Tu Atus, Gin Tuan Kiet, Quang Trung. All promise to bring many surprises and attractions to the audience.

HIEUTHUHAI spits smoke because of Duc Phucs patriarchy in Drunk Brother - Photo 9

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