Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and "saying better than doing" even though he starred in consecutive flop movies

Bút MựcJun 14, 2024 at 12:28

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Page 163 recently reported that Duong Mich had an interview with an entertainment site, in which the actress shared her perspective on reviews on social networks, her mood and thoughts when having a wedding. The series of films debuted unsuccessfully. Duong Mich's answers were considered perfect, but received negative reactions from the audience.

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 1

According to page 163, Duong Mich is always known as a female star with a high EQ, smart answers, a talented person, and a wide network of contacts. Her understanding and intelligence are also shown in interviews, Duong Mich speaks quite a lot and easily gives perfect positive opinions.

However, the audience believes that Duong Mich is "only good at lying", "talking is better than doing", "appearing pure and intelligent to build a high EQ image", page 163 quotes comments from netizens online. Weibo society.

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 2

The reason is that before the movie Harbin 1944 aired, Duong Mich was repeatedly criticized for being a bad actor and not paying attention to acting. In this work, the actress showed her determination to change by inviting teachers to re-teach her acting and tutor her right on set.

To s.how o.ff how hard she tried, Duong Mich repeatedly gave interviews and bought media articles praising herself. But as a result, Duong Mich's performance was extremely bad, causing the film to have a poor performance. Since then, the audience criticized her for only liking to s.how o.ff without bringing real results.

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 3

Besides, in her answer, Duong Mich shared that when reading the audience's comments, she felt like she was looking in a mirror: "These comments are like a mirror for me to review myself. As long as you are steadfast enough, you will not feel difficult and have enough courage to continue."

But then, the actress advised everyone "not to worry about online opinions because they don't understand what we've been through. Those comments don't affect me either."

The audience asked the question, did Duong Mich read the comments about her acting online or did she ignore them? Duong Mich's answers were considered contradictory. When separated, each sentence seems perfect, but when put together, it seems like she's just trying to appear smart and calm.

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 4

According to 163, last year, Duong Mich confessed that in 2024 she would meet everyone again with her work. But this year, Duong Mich had three films that failed in a row on all fronts such as the historical romance film The Love of the Little Red Princess: Nguyet Hong Thien, the drama TV series Harbin 1944, and the movie Nothing. That A H.ot Pot Can't Solve. In particular, her bad acting is always an important reason why the film fails. Therefore, the audience no longer believes in the good and perfect things Duong Mich "draws".

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 5

Duong Mich (born 1986) is one of the most famous 8X generation actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry today. The beauty has been acting since she was 4 years old and was once a talented c.hild actress on the Chinese screen.

She is known for the films Condor Heroes 2006, My Lady's Conspiracy, Immortal Sword Episode 3, Palace of Radiance, Jade Heart, Small Times, Ancient Sword Ky Dia, Three Lives, Three Worlds - Ten Reasons of Peach Blossom...

In 2022, she was named in the list of the 10 most famous stars in China and has more than 100 million followers on social networks. Duong Mich is also trusted by many brands and is the representative face of many famous brands.

The actress is also a shareholder of 10 companies. After many years of working in the entertainment world, Duong Mich owns a huge fortune, estimated at 4.5 billion yuan (more than 15,000 billion VND).

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 6

In early 2023, Duong Mich decided to withdraw from Gia Hanh Thien Ha entertainment company to find his own path. Withdrawing from Gia Hanh Thien Ha is considered a step forward in the career of the actress born in 1986.

Some close sources revealed that Duong Mich wants to engage in roles that require deep acting and drama films that are picky about viewers. Those who love the 8X actress urge the audience to be patient with the beauty.

Duong Mich was criticized for liking to s.how o.ff and saying better than doing even though he starred in consecutive flop movies - Photo 7

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