Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover"

Hoàng PhúcMay 29, 2023 at 09:22

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Possessing a huge following on social networking platforms, Phap Kieu is not only remembered for her humorous personality, but also marked by her musical talent.

Accordingly, Rap Viet season 3 has just aired episode 1, receiving many compliments from the audience with its innovative format and 4 experienced and famous coaches in the Underground world.

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 1

In the first episode, Nguyen Thanh Phap (Phap Kieu) was the contestant that the coaches had to compete for because the rapper possessed good musical ability and mastered the stage. He performed the hit song "Rose Rose" by singer Chi Pu in a new style, thus making the audience and the coach "stand still".

Right from the first minutes of appearing on television, Phap Kieu made an impression when introducing: "I am me, not a copy of anyone. When standing in front of the crowd, I feel the difference of self".

Phap Kieu's performance stirred up the atmosphere and excellently received 4 votes from the coach AND 98% votes from the audience.

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 2

Phap Kieu revealed that he has been practicing rap for 3 years, since Rap Viet season 1 aired. Rapper Suboi is the motivation for Phap Kieu to pursue this path. After 3 years of serious cultivation, Rap Viet was the first for Phap Kieu to turn the impossible into possible.

Sharing about the contestant's talent, JustaTee said: "This is the first LGBT rapper contestant in the history of Rap Viet to be supported by all the coaches and judges (GK) like this, this is a success. my work".

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 3

Coach Big Daddy said that even though he has only been pursuing rap for 3 years, Phap Kieu's ability is not inferior to longtime rap players. The male coach was convinced by his sure flow, clear lyrics and especially Phap Kieu's singing ability.

"I was very surprised to see such a good LGBT rap guy like this. This is a good performance, your use of words and accents is very good" - Coach Andree's comment for the French performance Kieu. Even the male coach announced that he would turn Phap Kieu into Vietnam's Lil Nas X.

As for Thai rapper VG, he was impressed with Phap Kieu's fierceness and attitude when he went on stage. The male rapper vowed to do all he could for this contestant.

Coach B Ray affirmed that Phap Kieu is suitable for his team, even promising to help increase the quality by 10 times. Because, Phap Kieu's way of transmitting the message is also the way that B Ray often uses. MC Tran Thanh also said that Phap Kieu's sharpness is suitable for rapper B Ray.

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 4

It is known that Phap Kieu was born in 2001, owning over 300K followers on TikTok. He often makes funny clips and repeatedly expressed his love for HIEUTHUHAI. Phap Kieu said she belongs to the LGBT community and did not hesitate to call the male rapper "husband", "husband". It is also because of this sentiment that Phap Kieu is also increasingly popular with netizens.

In particular, HIEUTHHUHAI also knows Phap Kieu and the two used to talk to each other on livestream. In this conversation, the male rapper said: "I really like the way you rap. I hope you will develop more. So cute. I like it."

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 5

Phap Kieu is also particularly fond of HIEUTHUHAI. Whenever sad, the male rapper's music helps Phap Kieu come back to life. At first, Phap Kieu just chose to "rap cover" (remake other people's songs), then he began to write his own words with simple content and close words.

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 6

Besides, the performance of 3 contestants CAPTAIN, VOLTAK, SONA was also impressive because of the catchy melody and stirring performance.

At the end of episode 1 Rap Viet season 3, Thai coach VG brought his team 2 contestants, VOLTAK, CADMIUM. Male coach BigDaddy also owns 2 strong contestants, Phap Kieu and gung0cay. B Ray obtained 1 warrior, CAPTAIN. Currently, team Andree Right Hand has not yet admitted the first member to their team after episode 1.

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 7

The youngest female rapper on the show, CADMIUM, born in 2006, impressed with the energy radiated in each rap with "Vietnamese heroic".

Phap Kieu - The first LGBT rapper to conquer 4 Vietnamese Rap coaches, claiming to be "HIEUTHUHAI lover" - Photo 8

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