JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing

Khánh HuyềnApr 16, 2024 at 16:12

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Recently, JustaTee and Tran Thanh confirmed that they will accompany the first season of "Say Hi" . This makes fans both happy and worried because they fear that the two artists will not be able to continue with another music show.

Not only is it a highly appreciated judge at the reality TV show Rap Viet, over the years, the name JustaTee has always guaranteed quality programs and received great attention. For example, Rap Viet season 3, in which he took on the role of advisor and judge, attracted more than 15 billion views and received a series of prestigious awards. He is also the person behind the success of the large-scale music event Rap Viet All Star Concert 2023 .

JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing - Photo 1

Recently, the organizers of "Say Hi" officially announced that JustaTee will become the music director of the program.

It is known that JustaTee will be responsible for producing music for the entire program, as well as in charge of all issues related to expertise in the overall program. Not only does the music color direction create the "soul" for the whole show, but in each performance, Music Director JustaTee will work with the artists to ensure that the Anh Trai lineup appears on stage. All s.how o.ff each person's talent and personality, delivering unique performances in both audio and visual aspects.

JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing - Photo 2

Highly appreciated for his musical expertise, loved by the audience with the image of an enthusiastic music producer, seriously devoted to art, and above all, an artist of the older generation who "passes the fire" on. young talents, so it is not too difficult to understand when JustaTee was chosen to become the music director for "say hi" brother.

JustaTee shared when taking on a new role in the show: "Becoming the Music Director of the show "Say Hi" is an opportunity and challenge for me to conquer new things and become a versatile artist. Entering this journey, of course I feel a little nervous, but more of an excitement and a feeling of wanting to conquer.

After Rap Viet season 3, I have more experience connecting and working with talented producers and artists, as well as understanding more about the process of creating complete music products in an entertainment show. loved by a large audience. The experiences and achievements gained from Rap Viet season 3 help me feel more confident in this new role."

JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing - Photo 3

Tran Thanh was also announced by the organizers to be the MC of the program from the evening of April 9. Below the announcement post, many netizens left mixed comments. Some opinions say that Tran Thanh is not a new face, the program needs a new breeze to attract more audiences. In addition, many netizens expressed concern when "digging up" a few times Tran Thanh placed a lot of emotions and somewhat overwhelmed the professional judges.

JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing - Photo 4

However, some netizens think that Tran Thanh's MC position could not be more suitable. Smart, humorous, skillful and sensitive to situations helps the male MC win the hearts of many viewers. Tran Thanh's hosting ability is indisputable and the male MC is a safe name to "open the bowl" for the first season of "Say Hi". The series of programs that Tran Thanh has recently hosted have all left a strong impression on the audience: Vietnamese Rap, Who is that person, Vietnamese Super Intelligence...

JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing - Photo 5

However, with this information, the audience is worried that both artists will not be able to continue accompanying other programs in parallel. Fans expressed concern and looked forward to waiting for official information in the near future.

JustaTee and Tran Thanh have a new destination, fans are worried about one thing - Photo 6

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