Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry

Phượng VũFeb 27, 2024 at 21:31

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Appearing in the final episodes of "Rap Viet" season 3, Wokeup immediately caused a fever because of his bright appearance and outstanding musical talent. He was even given an absolute score by "hot g.irl Tay Ho" CiCi.

Wokeup (or wokeupat4am) real name is Nguyen Hoang Phuc, born in 2001 in Hanoi. Pursuing Trap music, this Gen Z handsome b.oy is in charge of producing songs such as: Thank You ( tlinh ft. My Anh), Quay Xe (Wxrdie). wokeup also collaborated with 2pillz in the series of hits My Love (tlinh), Step Into This Melody (MCK), Play Like Us ( Andree Right Hand)...

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 1

In addition, wokeup also collaborated with producer EJ on an unreleased track by famous American rappers Lil Durk and Lil B.aby. In early 2023, the male producer joined label S-HUBE co-founded by CEO St.319.

"Enrolled" in the music production team for "Rap Viet" season 3 with Machiot, Duong K, Masew... Wokeup received many compliments with the explosive beat in the title song "We Go Hard", creating a series of extremely h.ot beats, in the spirit of "playing around" for Mr. Baus's team and especially "trump card" Rhyder.

He also made a strong impression when he "drove" catchy hooks in the contestants' competitions such as: H.ot Shot, Let's Fly Up, She, Against the Stream of Tears,...

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 2

Not only loved for his talent, producer 10X also makes women "heartbroken" because of his handsome appearance with an angular face and a solid 6-pack b.ody. Like many other colleagues, he is also loyal to a fashion style that is characterized by dusty and individual Hip-Hop.

Wokeup is called a "handsome" producer by netizens because of his outstanding appearance. He has a well-proportioned physique, a cold face and a style that resembles Jay Park (Korea). "Is that Mr. Park's cousin?" - was BigDaddy's comment to his juniors.

The handsomeness of this 22-year-old producer was also confirmed by Cici Anh Chi of rapper JustaTee. Accordingly, in a meeting around July 2023, the "hot g.irl Tay Ho" gave Uncle Wokeup 10 points for the reason "handsome, wears glasses, curly hair".

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 3

Although he is very handsome, female fans are disappointed because Wokeup is already a "flower pot". His lover is also Bao Han (Nguyen Xuan Bao Han, born in 2001), a quite famous face with netizens. Currently, she has more than 179 thousand followers on Insta.

Many people commented that Bao Han has a beautiful face, personality with sharp features. Not only that, her figure also makes many people fascinated. A toned b.ody and flat waist are the physical advantages of Wokeup's girlfriend. Therefore, every time she appears on social networks, she receives a lot of "hearts" from netizens.

In addition, because she is a model and KOL, Bao Han has extremely good taste in clothes. She pursues a cool style but is no less feminine and seductive. It can be said that she and her handsome lover are one of the most popular couples today. Not only do they have matching looks, they were also both successful early in their fields.

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 4

Returning to Wokeup, he considers music a passion and constantly explores and experiments with different genres, especially hiphop. Before becoming a music producer, handsome Gen Z studied classical music, piano and jazz at the National Academy of Music.

He used to hate going to piano lessons because his "mother f.orced him to", but this has laid a solid foundation for Wokeup's current career. The young man aims to create a new wave in the Vietnamese music market. He wants to combine Vietnamese musical tastes with international influences, touching the audience's emotions.

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 5

Along with 2pillz, Wokeup is the young face with the most impressive performance in the past year, his music is popular and extremely viral with young people. He emphasizes musicality, progress and searches for new materials, balancing the two elements of personality and smooth marketability in his products.

At the time Vietnamese Rap aired, the handsome Gen Z guy owned a series of songs with 1.4 billion views on the TikTok platform - an extremely impressive number for a young and new producer in the Vietnamese music market.

Wokeup also accompanied 2pillz in the production of tlinh's album "Ai" in some tracks such as: My Love, My Love, C.razy People,... "Ai" also reached the top 25 best Asian albums of 2023 by NME voted, with the main keyword being "My Dear Love".

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 6

This album is not only a mark of tlinh's career but also helps the young producer duo affirm their abilities. The groundbreaking music with creative moves and RnB arrangements is recognized by international experts as an extremely prestigious "test".

One of the most prominent hits behind Wokeup is "You Are My Exception". The disco color was flexibly transformed by producer 10X into the loveliest melody in the second half of 2023, going viral on all platforms and contributing another "national hit" to Phuong Ly's career.

After 2 months of public release, "You Are My Exception" reached 24 million YouTube views, appearing in the top 10 of Spotify and Apple Music Vietnam digital music charts at the time of release.

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 7

Entering 2024, Wokeup extended its achievements with a special contribution in the theme album of "WeChoice Awards" - Dare to Be Passionate Dare to Be Brilliant. Track 01 "When It Rains But It Doesn't Stop", he "flew" with the combination of AMEE, Phuc Du, and Trid Minh, which quickly became the hottest tune on video sharing platforms.

On the evening of January 20, track 04 of the album "Dare to Be Passionate, Dare to Be Brilliant" titled " Phong Long" was officially released, marking a never-before-seen collaboration between the three names Low G - Obito and Wokeup.

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 8

On the trap beat background made by producer 10X, the two talents Obito and Low G take turns showing their unique, unmixed colors. The handsome b.oy's composition changes skillfully, with the first half being gentle and profound. The highlight lies in the extremely smooth beat transitions, the two rappers had the opportunity to s.how o.ff their extremely powerful flow in part two.

"Phong Long" reached nearly 300 thousand views after only 1 day of airing, was enthusiastically received by rap fans and gave a shower of compliments to the rapper duo Low G - Obito and the quality beat from Wokeup.

Wokeup: Producer Gen Z causes fever at Vietnamese Rap, the golden hand in the hit-making industry - Photo 9

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