Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity

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Singer Emily (wife of BigDaddy) once received an invitation to participate in the first season of Sister Beautiful Stepping on the Wind but cleverly declined on the grounds that her husband was touched.

After airing, the program Sister Beautiful Pedal Wind Turn Wave received a lot of attention from the audience. In particular, many female artists after a long time in hiding have had the opportunity to return to the stage and conquer viewers with their talent. Recently, a "beautiful sister" suddenly revealed that she received an offer from the crew to participate in the 2023 program but was not charmed enough to attend.

Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity - Photo 1

That female artist is no stranger but singer Emily - the wife of rapper BigDaddy. Through BigDaddy's recent sharing, it turns out that Emily is one of the first female stars to be invited to the season 1 show.

Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity - Photo 2

However, Emily, after careful consideration, turned it down for a very cute reason: supporting the BigDaddy team at Rap Viet season 3. Specifically, BigDaddy said: "In 2023, the Sister Beautiful Sister Ride the Wind Turns the Wave has offered to invite Emily. However, this was a time when the Vietnamese Rap program was quite stressful because of preparation for round 3 and final. It was hard for me alone so Emily assisted in caring for the contestants and their families. Our house was under repair at the time and we had to stay in a rented house. In addition, the entire team is having to support me because the Vietnamese Rap program is in the process of being intense. So if Emily is on another show, it's going to be tough."

Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity - Photo 3

Emily also added, while confirming that if there is a season 2, she will try to participate. "At that time, we had a lot of work to do and it was difficult to organize. In particular, I was afraid that I would not be able to meet the training requirements. Aside from the night of the show, their training was horrible. So I'm sorry I couldn't accept the offer. If there's a season 2 and I can schedule it, I'll be on the show."

Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity - Photo 4

It is known that although Emily cannot be one of the 30 pieces of the "beautiful sister" puzzle of the show, her husband - BigDaddy once appeared as a "talent" guest performing with the competition group in the show. BigDaddy's hip hop performance with stars such as Uyen Linh, My Linh, Hong Nhung, Phuong Vy, Luu Huong Giang made the audience explode.

Thanks to the collaboration with the talented BigDaddy in the young people's "listening hymn" "Borrow Confession Wine", the "beautiful sisters" almost changed the image of "180 degrees" with an "extremely smurf" style when showing dynamic hip-hop choreography.

Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity - Photo 5

On stage, diva Hong Nhung surprised by "transforming" with a completely different style. The diva even showed off her rapping, dancing and headlining skills at the ending, leaving many viewers in awe.

Liu Xiangjiang said: "The surprise of the big sisters is to dare to play to the end, not to refuse any challenge. Maybe the dancing is not beautiful, not complete, but sometimes it is the incompleteness that is the fun."

Through the process of training for this special performance, Phuong Vy felt that her journey was more special. She likened herself from a caterpillar to a butterfly and turned into a butterfly when she walked to Act 4.

For the first time collaborating with a series of famous Vietnamese vocalists, BigDaddy expressed his admiration for the beautiful sisters: "Your music has influenced me since childhood. Luckily growing up I was able to make music, and now I can work with my sisters, which is really an honor."

Emily, who declined an invitation to join Sister Dep, would be in season 2 if given the opportunity - Photo 6

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