CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying

Bình MinhApr 15, 2024 at 17:12

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Recently, CiiN and MisThy shocked people when they shared a same-sex kiss in Double2T's MV "I Love Her". Many people also said that the male rapper was officially left out by two beauties.

On April 14, Double2T officially released 10 songs from their debut album titled "10 Years Ago". Including a MV called "final boss" by the Vietnamese Rap Champion season 3 called "I Love Her" was released at 9:15 p.m. on the same day. This is also the music product that he admitted he loves the most because it has a very special story.

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 1

Accordingly, "I Love Her" is Double2T's own story from 10 years ago when he fell in love with a g.irl, but this person had a same-sex love affair. In this MV, the male rapper has many love scenes with the female lead, who is none other than famous dancer and TikToker - CiiN.

The moment Double2T "sold nude" in front of the female lead also made his fans howl. However, the twist at the end of the MV when MisThy appeared and gave CiiN a same-sex kiss made many people "fall back".

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 2

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 3

Sharing about appearing in the MV with a "strange" script, CiiN admitted that he was extremely surprised by the content of this music product. The dancer did not hesitate to "scandalize" Double2T when she affirmed that during the filming of the MV, she had to guide the male rapper a lot, especially the love scenes so that the audience could have the opportunity to enjoy such a complete product. .

Double2T also did not forget to thank CiiN, as well as MisThy for not being afraid to work hard filming the MV continuously for 40 hours with him without getting tired.

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 4

Appearing at the pre-listening session of their debut album titled 10 Years Ago in Hanoi, Double2T shocked everyone with their shaved head and sunglasses, contrary to the usual "playful" style of their hair.

The male rapper's new look immediately became viral throughout social networks. However, upon closer inspection, he only used a trick to "glue" his bald head over his original hair, not actually shaving it.

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 5

Sharing at the press conference about his new head, Double2T did not go directly into the reason why he shaved his head but simply reminded about the period of social isolation due to COVID-19, a dark period for all people in the world.

It is known that the album "10 Years Ago" was inspired by the true story about the life and love of mountain b.oy Bui Xuan Truong - a small-time barber in Tuyen Quang who has now become rapper Double2T - Mountain people are good people.

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 6

"I spent the m.oney I earned recently working hard on shows and doing commercials just to be able to release this debut album with billion-dollar MVs that bring good image quality to audiences who are waiting for new products. "My Solo product after Rap Viet", the Rap Viet season 3 champion shared.

The album includes 10 songs with melodies and lyrics written by Double2T's inner thoughts 10 years ago, then remixed by two of his not-so-famous producer friends, Hai Ma and MinBoo.

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 7

With his debut album, the male rapper proved to the audience that he not only makes good mountain music, but also can make music of other genres that is complete and catchy.

Talking more about the female lead in Double2T's MV, CiiN is a h.ot TikToker who has been famous for a long time. All information surrounding her has become a h.ot topic of great interest to Vietnamese social network users.

Not only is CiiN active on the TikTok platform, but she is also "chosen by many artists" to participate in music projects as an actor. With her outstanding beauty and good acting ability, it is not surprising that she was invited to play the female lead in the MV of Vietnamese Rap Champion season 3.

CiiN changed dramatically, not afraid to lock lips with MisThy, a male star crying - Photo 8

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