Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly?

Phi ĐứcJan 04, 2024 at 15:23

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Up to now, Chau Bui and Binz have freely shared more moments together more publicly, instead of always covering their faces, not letting each other on pictures every time they share dating stories.

Most recently, on January 3 on her personal page, Chau Bui updated a picture consisting of many letters arranged in a mess with the message: "The first 3 words seen will predict 2024". Immediately, this post received special attention from the online community.

Chau Bui also participated in this game when listing the first 3 words he saw: happy, happy, married. The beauty, born in 1997, also used emojis to express her excitement. This hidden move of Chau Bui made netizens suspect that she and Binz plan to return to the same house in 2024. However, these are just one-sided speculations on the part of netizen.

Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly? - Photo 1

Binz and Chau Bui began showing evidence of dating in July 2020. The couple was repeatedly spotted traveling together, wearing double tops... In addition, Binz and Chau Bui often imply affection messages to each other on social networks.

In November 2022, during a live show in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM, Binz and Chau Bui went public for the first time. As he prepared to perform, Binz shared, "It is on this occasion that I want to dedicate the song to the special person who is here tonight."

Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly? - Photo 2

Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly? - Photo 3

Chau Bui once opened up about the romance: "Often when I love someone, I am determined to be long-lasting. In the past I used to think that I had to change people, tolerate people, but now I don't. I choose the most suitable person who can stick with it for a long time. Our life is so good now, I'm so happy with it."

Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly? - Photo 4

Chau Bui also shared that when asked about starting a small family at the moment, she said: "I used to say that I am not afraid to start a family. That's always been my goal. My family has 3 sisters. They have husbands and grandchildren, so I am very happy. I love going home on weekends, people talking "" all day. It felt so much that I never stopped craving.

I know there's a flip side. If you only see the happy side and do not think about how children are born to go to school, how parents teach, conflict is inevitable. It could be a couple conflict that makes us feel negative. So I'll avoid that by being prepared. Hopefully I'll reach my goal in 10 years."

Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly? - Photo 5

The love story between Chau Bui and Binz made many people go from being a little prejudiced to feeling admiration and secret support. Because previously, Chau Bui had a famous love affair with Decao, so much so that when the two officially "went their separate ways", the audience still could hardly escape the feeling of "slurring" the relationship between the two. So when news broke that Chau Bui was dating Binz, fans could hardly accept it immediately. Moreover, Binz is extremely popular as a badboy. The rapper has been with many beauties, but has not had a long-term love affair and is called serious. Fans were extremely worried about Chau Bui. But time is indeed the most perfect answer. After years of dating, Binz's image gradually changed for the better in the public eye. Accordingly, he not only has a different view of love, but also becomes a man with a mindset of respect for women that makes many women admire and thereby change the view of Binz.

Up to now, fans of the couple are also very excited and looking forward to the day when the two officially return to the same house. With many "suspicious" moves recently, perhaps Chau Bui's latest sharing line is like a small "hint" for the wedding that is expected to take place in 2024.

Chau Bui has revealed her plans to marry Binz in 2024, after questioning her pregnant belly? - Photo 6

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