Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are "threatened" because they think "ghost wedding"

Thiên DiFeb 12, 2024 at 06:24

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Weddings are a big occasion, so every family that organizes a wedding is very careful about the "good day". However, the wedding scene is quite "strange" at 2am, making many people think of the ghost wedding in the movie.

Weddings have always been considered one of the most important days of each person's life. Many people want to have a perfect day, so there are strict requirements for weddings, many families consider watching the day, watching the beautiful time so that their children and grandchildren can prosper in the future. Many people, because they believe too much in fortune tellers, have chosen spiritual hours, decide to hold weddings at midnight, only the wedding below is a typical example.

Usually in many localities, families celebrate the wedding ceremony in the morning, from 9-10 o'clock is the most beautiful. However, there are also some places that choose very crunching hours, creating "bad crying" situations. The story of a bridal procession at 2 a.m. made neighbors think a ghost wedding in Fujian (China) made people "O-eyes and A-mouths".

According to the information shared, at exactly 2am, the b.oy's relatives came to the g.irl's house for the bridal procession. When the bright red float arrives at the g.irl's door, the bride is carried by the groom onto the float, with the entire bridal team following closely behind. Because the road was uneven, there were no street lights, so the procession team had to turn on their cell phone lights for lighting. The crew escorted the bride all the way in such a dim, dim light.

Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are threatened because they think ghost wedding - Photo 1

The weather was also unfavorable when it rained, so the procession had to wear raincoats to carry the floats and escort. Because of these things, the scene becomes magical, like a ghost wedding in a movie. Even many locals were "scared" into a panic.

The photographer of this wedding then explained that the bride was a Hakka, and the local custom was to get married at midnight, hence the sight. The photographer also claimed that most locals also get married at night, with only a few having weddings during the day.

Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are threatened because they think ghost wedding - Photo 2

Local traditional customs have always been hard to give up and are still maintained in many localities in China. Many young people, even if they do not want to, still follow the instructions from adults, especially in big weddings.

Previously, the image of the "one-of-a-kind" wedding procession at 12 nights also caused confusion among netizens, accompanied by a series of forms from the b.oy's house that stunned people.

Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are threatened because they think ghost wedding - Photo 3

The person sharing about this "bad" wedding is a makeup artist for the bride, instead of being hired to apply makeup in the early morning, the makeup artist is invited to apply makeup at midnight, causing this person to fall on his back. The verbatim story shared by the makeup artist is as follows:

"I went to the bride's makeup for the first time I got this midnight shift. Asking to know that the idealistic mother-in-law, going to fortune telling, he said to take the bridal procession at 12 o'clock late at night, spirit time, go home before 2 am, 6 - 7 am to invite a party. But the bride must wear a wedding dress, not a long dress, procession of brides by chair. The bride looked guilty, put on makeup and dozed off. Whoever says abstinence is good, but I feel like I'm going to marry my husband."

Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are threatened because they think ghost wedding - Photo 4

The article immediately after sharing received immediately received a lot of attention from the online community. Most people are surprised by their first wedding held at midnight. Netizens also shared mixed opinions before this "unique" wedding. Many opinions say that the wedding is a big thing, watching the time is also for the good of the bride and groom.

Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are threatened because they think ghost wedding - Photo 5

Others, however, believe that the bride's mother-in-law is too idealistic to believe in fortune tellers. The wedding procession at 12 p.m., the banquet at 6 -7 a.m. is "extremely" hard for the bride and groom and the time is not reasonable for the guests.

Strange wedding procession at 2am, many people are threatened because they think ghost wedding - Photo 6


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