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Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry

Phúc Sen17:04:31 28/02/2024
Female model and actress Thanh Tram, who was eliminated early in The Face Vietnam, is receiving a lot of interest and attention from Vietnamese audiences, when she suddenly appeared in the movie project Lady Heiress 2 , released in March 2024.

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Trang Nhung: Long legs were falsely accused of being a "florist", now leaving showbiz, living quietly with her rich husband

Hoàng Phúc12:32:25 24/09/2022
Since getting married, Trang Nhung has completely retired as a "rear" as a woman of the family. She gave up glory and fame to nurture a small family. Her husband became the main economic pillar for Trang Nhung to take care of her children wholeheartedly. Nguyen Trang Nhung was...

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