Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry

Phúc SenFeb 28, 2024 at 17:04

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Female model and actress Thanh Tram, who was eliminated early in The Face Vietnam, is receiving a lot of interest and attention from Vietnamese audiences, when she suddenly appeared in the movie project Lady Heiress 2 , released in March 2024.

Thanh Tram's full name is Tran Thanh Tram, she is a female model and actress known to the audience as a contestant in the top 15 of the reality TV show The Face Vietnam. Before participating in the contest to become a member of the supermodel Anh Thu team, Thanh Tram participated in a number of beauty contests such as Miss Vietnam 2020, Miss Grand Vietnam 2022... In addition, Miss Vietnam 2020... The 21-year-old model is also known as the niece of actress Trang Nhung.

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 1

Talking about deciding to participate in the program, Thanh Tram felt that she had a unique face, suitable for The Face Vietnam 2023 program, so she decided to try. Thanh Tram admitted she participated in the contest because she wanted to seek the title. But most of all, through that journey, the beauty hopes the audience can still see her maturity and difference. She affirmed: "Coming to The Face Vietnam, I think I have had a "transformation" a lot." Through the challenges as well as the intensity of work and the pressure of competing with many contestants, she found herself becoming more and more mature and brave.

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 2

Although considered a potential contestant, Thanh Tram had to sadly stop before the finals of the competition. At the time of elimination, people debated a lot about the results. Faced with these opinions, Thanh Tram said she was "mixed with joy and sadness". The beauty was touched by the audience's love and support for her. Although she regretted having to stop right before the final night, Thanh Tram was still satisfied and grateful that the program had given her a meaningful journey.

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 3

Thanh Tram had the support of her family when she decided to participate in art. It is everyone's encouragement and support that helps her feel more confident in her abilities. Having an aunt who is a famous actress, Thanh Tram was taught many things by Trang Nhung. She revealed: "My aunt is like a friend, often sharing small things with me. She is also the one who inspires me to contact art and be more confident and bold. Besides, My aunt always reminds me to have a balance between studying and participating in art."

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 4

Actress Trang Nhung also shared about her niece, after making an impression at The Face Vietnam: "From the l.ittle g.irl who no one thought she would do anything related to art, to changing and becoming what she is today. The effort is not small. I told you that I would try many times harder to make people see me as more than just "Trang Nhung's niece". And now I have done it and I believe that I will be able to do even more things. that in the future," Trang Nhung said.

Thanh Tram said in the past she did not participate in many fashion shows because she was busy studying. The beauty thinks that after graduating, she will focus more on art. According to the revelation, actress Trang Nhung is also the role model that Thanh Tram is aiming for - a talented actress and model with a perfect family.

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 5

Right after leaving The Face Vietnam, Thanh Tram was immediately "chosen for her face" by director Hoang Duy, becoming the main actor in the movie project Lady Heir 2. This is an outstanding step forward. , recognizing Thanh Tram's efforts and recognition. Talking about acting opportunities, the female star born in 2002 said: "I accept acting opportunities with a comfortable mentality because I understand that I am just starting out. I still have many shortcomings and need to learn more from you guys." Uncle, you guys go first."

Thanh Tram, with an impressive face that is said to resemble Kendall Jenner or Thu Ky, will be a name expected to bring many surprises in Miss Heir 2 . Although she is also a new face, with the appearance and inner strength she has shown in reality TV shows, the audience has the right to expect her to r.eveal herself more on the big screen.

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 6

The first part of The Heiress was produced in 2018. The film tells the story of Nhung (played by Ngan Khanh), a rich lady who only knows luxurious pleasures. When her grandmother suddenly passed away, she was given a challenge to complete a 3-month course at the convent to inherit the will.

In addition to Ngan Khanh, The Heir also has the participation of Quang Minh, Hong Dao, Song Luan, Si Thanh, Lien Binh Phat,... However, it seems that the entire cast has been replaced in part 2. .

Although the content of part 2 is still a mystery, the replacement of actors in part 1 could be a sign that part 2 will have completely different content.

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 7

Thanh Tram: Niece of DV Trang Nhung, who was eliminated from The Face and immediately entered the film industry - Photo 8

In any case, the return of actress Trang Nhung and a number of names with guarantees of acting quality such as Huy Khanh, Lam Vy Da, Hua Minh Dat, Thanh Tram,... also make the Lady redundant. Plan 2 is very hopeful.

Lady Heiress 2 will be officially released nationwide on March 8. With this debut film role of Thanh Tram, fans of this beauty born in 2002 are eagerly waiting, hoping to receive positive feedback, serving as a stepping stone to help Thanh Tram take further steps forward. than in the film industry.

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