Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldn't have this

Nguyễn KimMay 13, 2024 at 07:08

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The passing of the b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat is not only attracting the attention of public opinion in China but also in Vietnam. Recently, a clip of Fat Cat filming the scene of his rented house has attracted special attention from netizens.

Recently, social networks have continuously spread the story of a young man nicknamed Fat Cat (born 2003, Hunan, China) who made a foolish decision due to an emotional conflict with his girlfriend. Until now, Fat Cat's sister said she had brought him to his final resting place.

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 1

Recently, a clip appeared on Chinese social networks that is said to be the last video of gamer Fat Cat who passed away not long ago. According to posts on Chinese social networks, in the last video of his life, Fat Cat revealed a very simple but quite messy house.

Except for a clean mirror, the rest of the house is messy, and there isn't even a permanent sink so Fat Cat can only use the sink instead. Many people couldn't help but feel sad when Fat Cat worked so hard that he got sick, but there wasn't even a decent sink inside the house.

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 2

Currently, the video is being widely spread and discussed by netizens, causing a stir. However, it is unclear what the truth and accuracy of this clip is, because it was only shared on Chinese social networks without corroborating information.

Previously, Chinese social networks were extremely saddened by the tragic story of the gamer nicknamed Fat Cat (born 2003, Hunan, China). It is known that Fat Cat was born into a normal family. His parents divorced when he was young, so Fat Cat soon lacked the warmth of a real family. Until he went to college, because he was good at playing games, he soon learned to m.ake m.oney by playing games for others for about 25 yuan/hour (90,000 VND/hour).

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 3

Over the past 2 years, Fat Cat has met his older girlfriend Dam Truc (1997, Chongqing) through playing games. During their relationship, even though they only met twice, Dam Truc always asked her boyfriend to send m.oney, even asking the male gamer to open a flower shop for her. The total amount of m.oney Fat Cat transferred to his girlfriend was up to 510,000 yuan (about 1.8 billion VND).

Just because Dam Truc said he didn't want a long-distance relationship, Fat Meo agreed to move to Chongqing to be closer to his lover, with the hope that in the near future they could get married.

However, in a not very prosperous situation, young men have to live miserably for a long time in order to have m.oney to support their lover. To save m.oney, when traveling from Hunan to Chongqing, the young man chose to take the cheap train. The b.oy's room in Chongqing was extremely small and simple, without even a blanket.

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 4

Every day, the b.oy only dared to order cheap food for about 10 yuan (about 30,000 VND). Sometimes, just because he wanted to save 5 dimes (about 1,500 VND), he canceled the order and re-ordered it. Fat Cat's avatar also has the phrase "don't want to eat vegetables, want to eat McDonald's". Even when he was sick, Fat Cat did not dare to go to the doctor.

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 5

However, all the young man received in return was his girlfriend's indifference. During our 2 years of love, we only met twice. The two were originally planning to register their marriage in May, but Dam Truc started wanting to break up in April. Unable to convince his girlfriend, the young man made a foolish decision. One hour before leaving, Fat Cat placed 760 flowers symbolizing 760 days of love, along with transferring 66,666 yuan (about 239 million) to her with the message "voluntary transfer".

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 6

The story is still receiving a lot of attention from the online community.

Fat Cat revealed a clip of the last day of his life, the rented room was a mess and couldnt have this - Photo 7

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