Former HKT member successfully "hunted dragons", causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh

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After two weeks of wedding, Tuyet Nhung, wife of former HKT member TiTi, announced her pregnancy with her first c.hild. The singer said that in the past few days, his wife felt tired and dizzy, so she went to the hospital to be examined and received good news.

Talking about his wife's pregnancy, Titi excitedly shared: "The doctor said my wife was pregnant, advised to stay healthy because she is in a critical period. I'm so excited, I just want to scream and show everyone that I'm a successful dragon hunter,'" he said.

Former HKT member successfully hunted dragons, causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh - Photo 1

Currently, Tuyet Nhung still loses appetite, craves sleep, but his spirit is excited, so his skin is fresh. She is cheerful, often laughing with her husband during recent sales livestreams. Tuyet Nhung revealed that her husband is always looking for things to stand by to watch her livestream and chat with everyone. The couple's back-and-forth conversation made the audience laugh with delight.

Former HKT member successfully hunted dragons, causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh - Photo 2

Earlier, TiTi and his wife held a wedding in Ho Chi Minh City on April 24. The bride was complimented on her prettyness but made headlines for wearing loose outfits. After the wedding, TiTi took his wife on vacation to Ninh Thuan for the holiday. As soon as they returned to the city, they returned to work.

Tuyet Nhung was born in 1993, from the same hometown as TiTi. She used to be a hotgirl in Can Tho, now selling cosmetics. Tuyet Nhung has been friends with TiTi since childhood, developed feelings but experienced time apart due to TiTi moving to the city to pursue singing. When they met again, they were both single, so they decided to give each other a chance to get to know each other.

Former HKT member successfully hunted dragons, causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh - Photo 3

On the other side, TiTi is the former leader of the once-popular HKT group. After the group disbanded, TiTi worked as a freelance artist in parallel with the cosmetics business. In terms of personal life, TiTi has been through a marriage and has a son.

Despite the divorce, the singer still takes care of the c.hild with his ex-wife. TiTi shared that he often calls to ask about his b.aby's life, whenever he has the opportunity to perform in Hanoi he will take his son out. On the Tet holiday, TiTi and the toddler went on a trip to Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc. The singer also said his son studied well, was obedient and understanding.

In a livestream after the wedding, Nhung Babie clarified her attitude to her husband's stepson: "Because I love you, I love your c.hild always, regardless of whose c.hild, every c.hild is a c.hild. C.hild, I can't tell who it is and then I love it. If we want people to be good to us, we must first be good to them. But now I want people to love me and treat people badly, how can people love me."

Former HKT member successfully hunted dragons, causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh - Photo 4

Before announcing his marriage, TiTi had a time when he was questioned about dating Nhat Kim Anh. However, the insider later spoke up to say that they are just sisters, doing business together, so they have many opportunities to meet. From around the end of 2022 until now, TiTi and Nhat Kim Anh have been less visible together, leading many to suspect that the two have problems. Nhat Kim Anh later said that the two have their own jobs, so they rarely appear together, and the relationship is normal.

When TiTi got married, Nhat Kim Anh, a colleague who has been with TiTi for many years, was "silent", neither attending nor congratulating on social media. Instead, Nhat Kim Anh suddenly posted a cover clip of the song "Give him to someone new". The actress also left a post that caught many people's attention: "Give me up to someone new. Musician Khanh Don, I wrote heartbreaking sentences and the community thought I was hurting."

Former HKT member successfully hunted dragons, causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh - Photo 5

On April 22, Nhat Kim Anh opened the livestream and frankly spoke out about the rumor of quitting TiTi so he did not attend the wedding. The actress said the former HKT leader sent an invitation, but because she was on a business trip overseas at the same time, she was unable to attend. When many people mentioned the bride and groom, Nhat Kim Anh freely shared: "I also regret that I can't come to congratulate the 2 of you."

Nhat Kim Anh and TiTi's relationship has long been given special attention by the people. Earlier, a former HKT member shared that singer TiTi abandoned his wife and children to date Nhat Kim Anh, causing social media to "make waves".

Recently, when he posted a love photo with his new wife, one viewer commented, "Nhat Kim Anh hearing this must be funny kkkk." In response, TiTi simply replied, "You've got a hard fan and Ti notices you."

Former HKT member successfully hunted dragons, causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh - Photo 6

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