Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTi's wedding day (HKT)

Khánh HuyềnApr 24, 2024 at 07:13

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From the time TiTi ( HKT) announced her marriage until the wedding took place twice, Nhat Kim Anh was always in the "sight" of netizens, and from then on, her strange moves were captured and captured. raising doubts about intentionally implicating juniors.

After a Western-style wedding in his hometown of Can Tho, on the evening of April 23, TiTi and his wife, DJ Nhung Babie, continued to hold a wedding party for guests in Ho Chi Minh City.

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 1

However, what interests people the most is the move of Nhat Kim Anh - TiTi's rumored ex-lover. Specifically, on social networking sites, the female singer has continuously shared a new song called "Give me to someone new". It would not be worth mentioning if Nhat Kim Anh did not share this song on the day of TiTi and his wife's wedding.

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 2

Nhat Kim Anh's actions received a lot of discussion from netizens even though the female singer had previously responded to "slandering" TiTi. There are also opinions that this may just be a coincidence because Nhat Kim Anh has previously revealed the demo version for the song Nhuong Anh for new people many times.

One day after TiTi (HKT) got married, Nhat Kim Anh continued to release a demo of the song Nhuong Anh for someone new and earned nearly 1 million views in just a short time. This is the second demo of the song, the first demo was shared by Nhat Kim Anh on the day TiTi got married in Can Tho.

Below the demo of the new song, many viewers called TiTi's name even though Nhat Kim Anh did not mention anything about her junior.

Or even before that, not long after TiTi announced the wedding with his girlfriend, Nhat Kim Anh recently caused a stir in the online community when he posted a posing clip with the music "Yesterday's Em" in the background, the remix version of Son Tung M-TP.

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 3

Worth mentioning, before the moment of posing in a gorgeous, lovely outfit, Nhat Kim Anh caused a lot of discussion when she sent a message to "someone" saying: "Hey! Thank you for sparing my life." . Although the female singer did not directly mention anyone by name in this statement, below the clip, the online community continuously mentioned TiTi's name because in the past the male singer and his senior Nhat Kim Anh once had doubts about dating each other. Nhat Kim Anh's actions later received many mixed opinions, some people thought that the female singer was bitter when TiTi publicly announced his fiancée.

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 4

Dispelling all doubts of netizens, Nhat Kim Anh opened a livestream and spoke frankly about the rumors of quitting playing TiTi and not attending the wedding. The female singer said that the former leader of HKT sent an invitation, but because she was on a business trip abroad at the same time, she could not attend. When many people mentioned the bride and groom, Nhat Kim Anh freely shared: "I also regret not being able to come congratulate you two."

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 5

The pair was rumored to be dating in 2020. At that time, TiTi denied it and said he appreciated and was grateful to his seniors for their help during difficult times in his career. The two often appear together at events as well as on social networks.

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 6

At the end of April 2021, Nhat Kim Anh was rumored to have been proposed by TiTi and the two were about to get married but denied it. Since the beginning of 2022, TiTi and Nhat Kim Anh have been rumored to stop playing due to not sharing much about each other in the media and not accompanying each other regularly at events. However, Nhat Kim Anh explained that her juniors are busy running shows so they don't have time to accompany her like before.

In recent days, TiTi has been busy preparing for the wedding with DJ Nhung Babie, three years younger than him, from Can Tho. Their wedding took place in two places: Can Tho (April 20) and Ho Chi Minh City (April 23). The male singer said he wanted to enter the world of married people to have a stable home, help himself grow up, and live more responsibly.

Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTis wedding day (HKT) - Photo 7

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