Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this!

Hoàng PhúcApr 06, 2024 at 11:16

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Recently, social media spread TiTi's wedding photos. Soon after, representatives of the former HKT leader confirmed to the media that the singer had a wedding with his girlfriend at his home on April 20.

Later, the couple's wedding took place at a wedding center in Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC on 23/4 with the participation of many close artists. It is known that the singer's wife named Tran Thi Tuyet Nhung, 30, is not active in the field of art but is currently pursuing business.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 1

"The two have known each other since they were in Can Tho, then TiTi went to the city to pursue her passion for singing, while Tuyet Nhung developed her own business. When they met again, they developed feelings, dated for 3 years and then decided to get married," the singer said.

Previously, TiTi was repeatedly rumored to be dating Nhat Kim Anh but never confirmed. The two "stick together like sam", close companions in work and everyday life. After a while, netizens saw that TiTi no longer appeared as much next to Kim Anh as before.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 2

But amid the news of TiTi's marriage, Nhat Kim Anh's move was also noticed. Recently, almost at the same time as TiTi confirmed the wedding, Nhat Kim Anh posted a new image with the caption: "Optimistic in the middle of life!" However, it cannot be confirmed that this is just a coincidence or that the singer actually implied TiTi.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 3

And yet, 1 day earlier, the image of wearing a bridal dress, taking wedding photos with a popular male star from ten years ago of Nhat Kim Anh was also suddenly dug up.

Accordingly, recently, Nhat Kim Anh caused people to stir and speculate silently on the flower car for the second time when a series of photos of her wearing a ao dai, standing in the center position at a wedding were shared on social networks.

Speaking out about the remarriage rumors, Nhat Kim Anh denied this and said the moment was taken when she sent off a friend to get married. "You look at the wedding, you vomit too. But come on and run on. As long as I get in the cotton cart, the whole family knows. Love you stop gossiping," the singer humorously said.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 4

More than a dozen years ago, Nhat Kim Anh used to wear a bridal dress and take wedding photos with actor Quoc Cuong. However, this is just a scene in the drama that the two starred in.

In the film, the actress plays Quoc Cuong's wife and has an unhappy marriage, under a lot of pressure to have an heir to her husband's family. Nhat Kim Anh's performance received praise for expressing a sad, moody mood as well as full of inner turmoil.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 5

In addition to TiTi, Nhat Kim Anh has been rumored to be dating actor Loi Tran. However, she has denied it, saying that the two sides only stop at the friendship.

Back to TiTi, the singer, whose real name is Pham Linh Phuong, was born in 1990, used to be a member of the b.oy band HKT along with Ho Gia Hung and Ly Tuan Kiet. HKT has gained fame for its series of songs such as "Miss Kieu" and "The Flip Side of the Truth". After the group disbanded, TiTi developed a solo career and released many music products. At the same time, the singer also expanded his activities into the business field.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 6

Before that, the love relationship between TiTi and Tuyet Nhung was kept secret to avoid public attention. However, in April, the 9X singer shared a photo purportedly from a wedding photoshoot, intriguing many. The HKT member's fiancée is described as having a good look. The two have finished their wedding photography and are busy preparing for the big day.

Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this! - Photo 7

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