TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real?

Minh LợiApr 20, 2023 at 15:21

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The male singer's share immediately after that quickly attracted a lot of attention from fans. It is not clear who he is referring to, but TiTi's share also confuses people.

On a recent social networking forum, fans suddenly discovered that male singer TiTi (HKT) had left a surprising comment. Accordingly, under the topic with the content "1 minute to pick up the old lover", TiTi did not hesitate to mention the "old people" with rather cynical words. He wrote: "Rich, luxurious but living dirty". When asked by fans more carefully about the two words "dirty life", TiTi replied frankly: "Dirty here is the way of life of people, standing from one mountain to another, promiscuous ...".

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 1

Only one short comment from TiTi was enough to make netizens stir up and talk about the g.irl the male singer is referring to. Previously, this male singer was entangled in dating rumors with senior Nhat Kim Anh. Fans also discovered that on TiTi's chest, a woman was tattooed exactly like Nhat Kim Anh. This deepens doubts about the relationship between the two. However, the couple denied it five times seven times, affirming that it was just a close colleague's love.

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 2

Before that, the TiTi clip also made netizens stir when kneeling to propose to Nhat Kim Anh with a diamond ring. Explaining this, the male singer shared, "Because I saw a good clip on TikTok, I should cover it." At the same time, TiTi added: "The love story can't be told, but in work and in life, Nhat Kim Anh is a teacher of mine, helping me learn many things."

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 3

After a sudden comment about TiTi's recent ex-lover, the audience raised a big question mark whether the g.irl the male singer was referring to was Nhat Kim Anh? Details such as "rich and luxurious" are also quite similar to the current life of the female singer. However, this is just an unfounded suspicion from netizens, with absolutely no basis for confirmation.

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 4

Not long ago, TiTi also had an accident on stage when the rear led screen collapsed on top of him. Fortunately, the male singer only suffered minor injuries, which did not affect his health too much.

TiTi's real name is Pham Linh Phuong, born in 1990, used to be the leader of the group HKT. After the group disbanded, TiTi worked as a solo singer with a series of hits such as: Get used to being lonely, If in the past, .... Besides artistic activities, the male singer also invaded business areas.

Previously, on her personal page, TiTi once attracted attention when posting a status line answering the audience's questions about her love story. According to the former member of HKT, recently, he has heard a lot of rumors about himself. The male singer messaged, "Please don't speculate and make up stories or make up my personal love story, let my life turn everything upside down, add bad things to my image."

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 5

Therefore, TiTi decided to speak up about her love story. He wrote: "For my life to be more peaceful, for my life to be loved, loved and accepted in my relationships with friends, colleagues, relatives and all communication and working relationships. Business is more comfortable TiTi would like to officially announce that TiTi is single, funny, free, free, no love relationship ties, no love between a b.oy and a g.irl. blur".

The male singer added, "TiTi hopes that everyone will have a better understanding of me when TiTi confides these things. And I hope that our relationship in the present will go further and closer. ".

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 6

Talking to Thanh Nien, the vocalist Looking to the past said that being rumored about love affairs in the past time affected him a lot. TiTi said: "It affects my work outside and leisure activities. Along with that, my working and business relationships are also limited."

As for Nhat Kim Anh, she frankly spoke up about the "rift" rumors with TiTi. Because from the beginning of 2022 until now, the two rarely appear or share about each other. According to Nhat Kim Anh, because TiTi has had many projects of its own and is too busy, the two cannot accompany them often.

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 7

"The fact that I limit mentioning TiTi is not there. I have mentioned TiTi before and accompanied TiTi for 4, 5 years, a long time. Not that I didn't mention it, but because recently, TiTi received a lot of shows, so she did not have time to join or accompany me. As for the relationship between me and TiTi, it is still normal and very close to each other from the past until now," she said.

TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real? - Photo 8

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