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The HKT group that has been "apart" for a long time now suddenly reconciles, and TiTi does something special

Đức Trí16:23:30 19/06/2024
Few people know about the once legendary b.oy band HKT. In recent times, the members have been in conflict and have been at odds for a long time. Recently, fans were extremely surprised when the group reunited, member TiTi did a special thing to reconcile with Ho Gia Hung.

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Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage

Phong Trần16:51:24 18/05/2024
After a broken marriage with businessman Buu Loc, Nhat Kim Anh focused on his business path. Occasionally, the star of the movie Net of Heaven returns to Can Tho to visit her son, who is staying with her ex-husband and paternal family.

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Former HKT member successfully "hunted dragons", causing confusion when reminding Nhat Kim Anh

Bút Mực17:32:36 08/05/2024
After two weeks of wedding, Tuyet Nhung, wife of former HKT member TiTi, announced her pregnancy with her first c.hild. The singer said that in the past few days, his wife felt tired and dizzy, so she went to the hospital to be examined and received good news.

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TiTi wedding: HKT reunites after rumors of separation and absence of Nhat Kim Anh

Mẫn Nhi14:00:00 24/04/2024
HKT fully reunited at the wedding in Ho Chi Minh City of group leader TiTi, recreating a once legendary frame. Fans are excited that the three still maintain a good relationship after many turbulences.

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Nhat Kim Anh continues to act strangely on TiTi's wedding day (HKT)

Khánh Huyền07:13:12 24/04/2024
From the time TiTi (HKT) announced her marriage until the wedding took place twice, Nhat Kim Anh was always in the sights of netizens, and from then on, her strange moves were captured and questioned. Question about intentionally implicating juniors.

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Nhat Kim Anh explains why she was absent from her best friend TiTi's (HKT) wedding.

Mẫn Nhi16:10:41 22/04/2024
Nhat Kim Anh attracted attention when he was not only absent from the wedding of his close brother TiTi (HKT), but also had strange shares on his happy day. Up to now, she has officially spoken out about the reason she cannot attend the wedding...

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Titi's wedding: HKT reunites but one person is missing, suspicions of anger have not been resolved

Đình Như21:52:50 20/04/2024
On the morning of April 20, the wedding of TiTi and his wife Tuyet Nhung officially took place in Can Tho, becoming the most influential event of the week. Every detail surrounding this engagement ceremony quickly received the attention of many fans.

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TiTi HKT drove a Roll Royce the day he asked his wife, Nhat Kim Anh suddenly made a strange move

Mẫn Nhi20:38:23 20/04/2024
On April 20, the former member of the band HKT - TiTi returned to Can Tho to get married. At the same time, singer Nhat Kim Anh suddenly posted a cover clip of the song Nhung Anh for someone new.

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Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): "moderate" piece, the most idyllic member of the group

Phi Đức17:57:00 06/04/2024
Ly Tuan Kiet is 1 piece that has made HKT famous - a b.oy band that once stormed the Vietnamese music industry. The reason he is considered the most moderate person is because he is always in the midst of unnecessary controversy, friction, and noise.

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Nhat Kim Ying showed a strange attitude when TiTi got married, comforting herself 1 this!

Hoàng Phúc11:16:26 06/04/2024
Recently, social media spread TiTi's wedding photos. Soon after, representatives of the former HKT leader confirmed to the media that the singer had a wedding with his girlfriend at his home on April 20.

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TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese 'plane' Kim Anh officially abandoned?

T.P06:48:45 06/04/2024
Singer TiTi – a former member of the one-time b.oy band HKT caused a media stir when he suddenly announced his marriage to DJ Nhung Babie. Nhat Kim Anh's former love was immediately called out by the online community.

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Ly Hao Nam's d.eath was unfounded, Lam Chan Huy appeared, the family was shocked because their son was missing

Phúc Sen14:43:25 25/03/2024
The news that male singer Ly Hao Nam passed away has caused people to stir in recent days. However, recently, a close friend, Lam Chan Huy, shared that this is baseless news. Ly Hao Nam's family also has new moves.

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Ly Hao Nam (HKT) passed away suddenly at the age of 41, Titi and Vietnamese stars mourned

Minh Lợi10:40:22 23/03/2024
On the evening of March 23, singer TiTi (member of the famous band HKT) shared on her personal page the passing of singer-songwriter Ly Hao Nam - the owner of the once-popular song Nang Kieu Lo Step.

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Nhat Kim Anh reunites with her ex-husband's mother, the attitudes of both sides are surprising, she maintains a respectful relationship with her ex-husband through one detail.

Keng17:08:08 22/09/2023
There was tension after the divorce, even custody of the c.hild, but now, Nhat Kim Anh and her ex-husband have normalized their relationship to take good care of their son.

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TiTi (HKT) showed off his girlfriend but hid his face, was exposed by his colleagues, Nhat Kim Anh immediately showed his attitude

Thảo Mai17:34:11 24/08/2023
Not long ago, TiTi HKT was rumored to be dating Nhat Kim Anh. However, TiTi and Nhat Kim Anh later denied this information. Until recently, TiTi posted a photo of hugging her waist intimately with a g.irl with a rather s.exy physique

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TiTi (HKT) protected Phan Cong Khanh after being arrested, siding with the "boss" despite defrauding tens of billions

Đức Trí10:24:34 25/07/2023
Male singer TiTi - a former member of the group HKT, has just had remarkable shares, defending his brother, super car tycoon Phan Cong Khanh, when he was caught in the law, arrested for f.raud and appropriation of property.

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Diep Lam Anh - Nhat Kim Anh: Full of talent, but troubled by love, divorced ex-husband in noisy

Minh Lợi10:08:02 14/07/2023
Few people know that, not only Diep Lam Anh, another female star with the same name in the Vietnamese entertainment industry also has a noisy marriage. It was none other than Nhat Kim Anh.

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Nhat Kim Anh spoke strangely, suspected of referring to TiTi (HKT) because she was told she lived dirty and called her a liar.

Phúc Sen12:17:57 01/05/2023
Netizens had the opportunity to stir up excitement over Nhat Kim Anh's recent statement, frankly criticizing a person who lived a false life. Netizens quickly raised questions and speculated that it was male singer TiTi (HKT).

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TiTi (HKT) refers to Nhat Kim Anh who is rich but "dirty", promiscuous, real?

Minh Lợi15:21:02 20/04/2023
The male singer's share immediately after that quickly attracted a lot of attention from fans. It is not clear who he is referring to, but TiTi's share also confuses people. On a recent social networking forum, fans suddenly discovered that male singer TiTi (HKT) had left a...

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TiTi (HKT) and a dancer were crushed by the LED screen while singing, a female star died because she fell from a height of 10m on stage

JLO09:17:53 17/04/2023
Due to heavy rain and wind, the led screen of the night was wobbly and collapsed when singer TiTi and 2 dancers were performing. Fortunately, the male singer and 2 dancers only suffered minor injuries, outside of the skin. On the morning of April 16, the social network spread a...

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The notorious player behind TiTi's 'mountain of m.oney' in Cambodian casinos revealed, his wealth is staggering?

N.P09:16:43 08/11/2022
Before the question of g.ambling in Cambodia, TiTi - a former member of HKT denied and said that he was just "watching for m.oney" to help a friend. The identity of this friend was also recently searched by netizens, suspected of being a famous player of Saigon. Recently, the...

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Duong Minh Tuyen's photo was revealed at the casino with TiTi (HKT) but there is a difference of 1 point

Jennie08:16:49 08/11/2022
Duong Minh Tuyen suddenly became famous a few years ago with the nickname "holy curse". He often posts clips online commenting on events and personalities that are attracting attention with profanity

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Nhat Kim Anh made a 'strange' move while TiTi was caught in a g.ambling scandal at a Cambodian billion-dollar casino

Minh Hà07:20:37 08/11/2022
While TiTi was entangled in the noise of showing pictures of g.ambling at a casino in Cambodia, many people were curious about Nhat Kim Anh's move. The actress's every move made people pay attention. On the afternoon of November 7, groups specializing in showbiz spread widely the...

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TiTi (HKT) revealed a photo of the silver screen in Cambodia, looking at the 'huge' amount of m.oney, I was shocked

Jennie15:56:30 07/11/2022
Vietnamese law prohibits illegal g.ambling. However, in the case of going to a country that allows g.ambling, Vietnamese people can gamble without being prosecuted for criminal liability when returning to Vietnam. After 2 years, Ho Gia Tung left the group for personal reasons, the...

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