Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): "moderate" piece, the most idyllic member of the group

Phi ĐứcApr 06, 2024 at 17:57

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Ly Tuan Kiet is 1 piece that has made HKT famous - a b.oy band that once 'stormed' the Vietnamese music industry. The reason he is considered the most moderate person is because he is always in the midst of unnecessary controversy, friction, and noise.

Ly Tuan Kiet's real name is Nguyen Quoc Doanh, born in 1992 in Binh Duong. He is best known as a member of the b.oy band HKT.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 1

HKT is a b.oy band that debuted in 2006 with 3 members: TiTi, Ho Gia Hung and Ly Tuan Kiet. The colorful image with hair like a lion's mane is what fans remember the most about HKT. At this time, the group's songs were extremely popular, even HKT was very popular in China. The group's song One More Pain is memorized by Chinese-language singers and celebrities.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 2

Tuan Kiet possesses a relatively standard appearance, high voice. He trained professionally at Hai Au Entertainment Company from the age of 13. After more than 10 years of being led by a team of experienced teachers plus going to show performances, Tuan Kiet has been getting better and better. This singer born in 1992 is also capable of playing two types of instruments, Guitar and Piano. In addition, he learned more about composing music.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 3

Starting his artistic journey as a member of HKT, Ly Tuan Kiet worked with Ho Gia Hung and Titi to overcome the difficult early days, gradually reaching success and fame. For Li Junjie, the memory of the times when the group took the car together to perform in Central Vietnam and then returned at night is something he will never forget.

"At that time, HKT's name was still unknown to many people, so he only took on the role of backing vocalist for shows. After returning to Saigon, it was almost morning, before they could sleep, the brothers were ready to go to school. So in the old days, I fell asleep from exhaustion,' - Li Junjie recalled his time with HKT members.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 4

When he was working with HKT, with his tenor voice, singing almost at his best, Ly Tuan Kiet was considered an indispensable part of the group. Besides, he also has the ability to compose music. Currently, Ly Tuan Kiet still pursues his passion for art and is focusing on developing his solo career, but has not had certain success.

He invested in art when making many well-thought-out music videos, attracting millions of views on YouTube such as "Let's be for each other once", "Who really loves you", "I am not qualified" ... The 29-year-old singer still regularly performs music shows.

Compared to the other two members of the group, Li Junjie has a much "quieter" life. Besides singing, the former HKT member also enjoys travelling. He often posts on his personal page photos of himself when exploring new lands with friends.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 5

In 2016, a group member, Ho Gia Hung, announced his departure. 2 years later, HKT also officially disbanded. TiTi and Ho Gia Hung made a lot of noise when they denounced on social media about their personal lives. The two mostly avoid each other during entertainment events.

After HKT disbanded, each member began to work on their own path and Lee Junjie is also gradually building his own name. However, there is no denying that the shadow left by HKT is too big, putting the singer under a lot of pressure. Even so, he is proud of the name HKT and used to be a part of it. HKT has been a launching pad, creating a solid stepping stone for him on the path of artistic activities.

"When I look to the past, Kiet really feels pressure because HKT's shadow is so big. Even now when I go on tour, people still introduce myself as Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT). However, Kiet is not happy but also very proud of the name HKT. It's just that I also need to try to build my own name to be remembered by more audiences," Ly Tuan Kiet shared.

Although he is no longer active with HKT, Ly Tuan Kiet is still remembered and loved by the audience. Once, after returning from touring, he met some passionate fans. In the video that went viral online, it is easy to see that some fans lifted the singer so that another fan could meet him in person and express his affection through actions and gestures. Not stopping there, when he received the news that the former HKT member was about to leave, this guy took the initiative to ride a motorbike so that he could take pictures and chat with Ly Tuan Kiet before the singer moved.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 6
Although quite surprised, he is still very happy, the smile on his face proves that instead of feeling uncomfortable, he is very happy and appreciates the affection people have for him.

In October 2022, Ly Tuan Kiet and his girlfriend Linh Rin officially got married after 3 years of dating. Although he is a bit busy because of his busy schedule, the singer always tries to balance time between work and family in a reasonable way.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 7

Through his sharing, it can be seen that Li Junjie is having an idyllic and happy marriage. As time passed, HKT's famous singer now carries on the responsibilities of a husband and father of the family. Despite this, Li Junjie's love for music has not changed. Hopefully, in the future, the audience will continue to listen to more new songs of Ly Tuan Kiet.

Ly Tuan Kiet (HKT): moderate piece, the most idyllic member of the group - Photo 8

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