TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese 'plane' Kim Anh officially abandoned?

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Singer TiTi – a former member of the one-time b.oy band HKT caused a media stir when he suddenly announced his marriage to DJ Nhung Babie. Nhat Kim Anh's former love was immediately called out by the online community.

On the afternoon of April 5, singer TiTi (former leader of HKT) confirmed to the media that the wedding ceremony will be held in April 2023. The singer said the family ceremony will take place on April 20 in Can Tho. The wedding gathering friends and stars was held at a famous wedding convention center in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM on April 23. The couple made outfit requests for guests in white, black and beige. Currently, TiTi and his wife are distributing cards to the guests, preparing the final stages for the big day.

TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese plane Kim Anh officially abandoned? - Photo 1

It is known that his wife is DJ Nhung Babie, her real name is Tuyet Nhung, studied theater and film, then switched to DJing because she felt she was not suitable for acting. Tuyet Nhung has gone in the right direction and achieved certain success in this path.

TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese plane Kim Anh officially abandoned? - Photo 2

TiTi and his wife DJ Nhung Babie.

DJ Nhung Babie, born in 1993, she has many followers on social media. The two had 3 years of secret love before deciding to get married. In the wedding photoshoot, Nhung Babie shows off her s.exy physique and youthful beauty. The groom is impressed by his stylish and elegant appearance. In the past, TiTi has also shown off sweet and loving moments of the two many times but often chooses to cover the other half's appearance.

On the evening of August 23, 2023, TiTi surprised by publicly appearing in love with a hidden g.irl. Not only posting photos of each other hugging passionately, TiTi also sweetly messaged her "other half": "Wishing you the best, the best will come to you at your new age when you are with me. Happy birthday to you." Many friends and Vietnamese stars also sent congratulations, wishing both of them a good ending soon.

TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese plane Kim Anh officially abandoned? - Photo 3

In 2021, TiTi had a time when she was questioned about dating Japanese senior Kim Anh. However, the two later revealed that they broke up, during an event in late 2022, Nhat Kim Anh spoke out about going their separate ways with TiTi: "The fact that I refrain from mentioning TiTi is not there. I've mentioned TiTi and I've been with TiTi for 4, 5 years, a long time. It's not that I didn't mention it, but because TiTi has received so many shows lately, I don't have time to join or accompany me. To book TiTi for this press conference I also had to text a month in advance. As for the relationship between me and TiTi, it is normal and very close to each other from the past until now."

TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese plane Kim Anh officially abandoned? - Photo 4

TiTi was even once caught accusing her ex of living dirty. Accordingly, under the topic with the content "1 minute of peeling off the ex", TiTi did not hesitate to mention "the ancients" with quite bitter words. He wrote: "Rich, luxurious but living dirty." When asked more carefully by fans about the 2 words "dirty life", TiTi responded frankly: "Dirty here is the way of human life, standing on one mountain looks another, promiscuous ...". Netizens immediately thought it was Nhat Kim Anh.

TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese plane Kim Anh officially abandoned? - Photo 5

TiTi is known as the former leader of HKT, famous for a series of songs such as: Miss Kieu, The Flip Side of the Truth... After the group disbanded, he had a long period of solo activity that later turned to business. TiTi has experienced a broken marriage, has a son of her own but rarely shares him publicly with the public.

TiTi (HKT) announces marriage of DJ wife, Japanese plane Kim Anh officially abandoned? - Photo 6

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