"Hue crab" is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish

Phi ĐứcApr 10, 2024 at 16:36

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Recently, on social networking platforms about tourism and cuisine, a series of images and videos have appeared about a dish that looks quite strange, resembles a mini jellyfish but has a turquoise color and is quite interesting to eat. taste.

This is a crab, also known as a swallow, a type of seafood in Hue with a round b.ody, only a little larger than a lemon, transparent or turquoise in color, often appearing in the summer in brackish water areas.

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 1

Traveling and exploring Hue , any tourist cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious cuisine of this place. Because of the variety of dishes, as well as the unique culture of royal cuisine, this place's cuisine has a very unique charm. When it comes to Hue dishes, there are not only familiar names like beef noodle soup, Nam Giao snails, mussel rice... but also famous for Hue vinegar noodle dish.

The beginning of summer is the time when Hue vinegar noodle soup becomes the favorite choice of not only locals but tourists from near and far. If you are looking for a typical Hue dish with a unique and refreshing flavor for the early days of summer, then certainly vermicelli with vinegar will be an attractive choice you cannot miss.

The swallow, also known as the swallow, is a legless mollusk common in brackish lagoons in Hue. At first glance, many people will immediately think of jellyfish, but snails are much smaller than jellyfish and have a characteristic color of blue.

Hue sea urchins have an eye-catching green color, each year they only appear once in the 2-3 lunar months, and are abundant in lagoons. In recent days, when the rice season has come, with the development of social networks, the rustic but unique dish of the people of the ancient capital has had the opportunity to spread to people across the country.

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 2

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 3

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 4

Everyone's taste is different, even with jellyfish, some people think jellyfish is crunchy and delicious, while others find jellyfish bland and unappealing. The same is true with water, people who can eat it think it is crispy, delicious, and cool, while others find it fishy and not delicious.

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 5

However, you must have experience in eating and choosing water to fully enjoy the cool taste of this summer specialty. Usually, there are two types of shrimp to distinguish, the ear or b.ody type is white, soft to eat, and also cheaper. The earlobes spread out like a mushroom cap, and when eaten, they are soft and succulent. The green leg is darker, crispy, delicious and also more expensive. Earworms have legs about 1-2 arms long, clearly visible with jagged, brittle legs. That's why people who have been eating water for a long time believe that if they want to eat delicious water in the summer, they should choose green water, which is both delicious and crispy.

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 6

There are many dishes prepared with shrimp paste such as mixed salad, vermicelli with vinegar and shrimp paste... but the simplest and most popular way is to eat it raw and dip it in shrimp paste. Bought the water, after washing it, soak it in cold water to make it firmer and crispier. When you're almost ready to eat, take the water out of the water and let it drain. Don't take it out too early or it will shrink and not be crispy. If you can't eat it all, people still soak it in water and store it in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Side dishes can be herbs, bananas, star fruit, and thinly sliced green mango. You can eat it with boiled dishes such as pig's feet, tongue, ears, and pork belly to make the dish more rich. However, two important ingredients are indispensable: thinly sliced fresh figs and the typical mint leaves only found in Hue. Mix shrimp paste with crushed garlic and chili, add a little monosodium glutamate, sugar, squeeze a piece of lemon, stir well until the mixture dissolves and resembles candy, and the dish is complete.

Hue crab is causing a fever in the online community, a cooling summer dish - Photo 7

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