R.evealing the identity of 'Dien Bien g.irl' caused social media fever

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The image of Dien Bien g.irl standing in the rain is spreading dizzyingly during the 70th anniversary of the victory over Dien Bien Phu that took social media by storm recently while Vy Tram was only 4 years old.

The image of an ethnic Thai g.irl standing in the rain during the 70th anniversary of the victory over Dien Bien Phu has become the focus of attention of the online community in recent years. This emotional image full of pride not only spread strongly on social networks but also touched the hearts of millions of Vietnamese people.

Revealing the identity of Dien Bien g.irl caused social media fever - Photo 1

Recently, people are buzzing about the identity of the g.irl standing in the rain in Dien Bien Phu appearing with a pretty, energetic appearance, a radiant smile, proud right from the appearance in the first performance, which has made many people curious.

It is known that the c.hild named Vy Tram, 4 years old, accidentally caught the eye of People's Representative Thu Ha - Director of the Military Art Theater, General Director of the ceremonial car at the Celebration. At that time, Tram (also known as Banh Mi) on the afternoon of April 25 was led into the stadium by his grandfather to watch the ceremonial team practice. Seeing that the vivacious g.irl with a bright and fresh face is very suitable to choose as a character simulating "Dien Bien Phu monument", People's Representative Thu Ha talked to her family, offering to invite Tram to audition.

Cooperating, obeying, performing the required movements, Tram was selected to perform in the art performance "Dien Bien Epic" with the re-enactment of the Dien Bien Victory monument

Revealing the identity of Dien Bien g.irl caused social media fever - Photo 2

Revealing the identity of Dien Bien g.irl caused social media fever - Photo 3

Inspired by the Dien Bien Phu Victory monument placed in the D hill complex in the center of Dien Bien Phu City, simulating the image of 3 soldiers leaning on each other. In it, a soldier holds a Thai ethnic g.irl holding a bouquet of flowers and the flag of Quyet Battle, Quyet Win. A soldier waves a flag representing the companies involved in the campaign. The soldier holding the l.ittle g.irl in his arms symbolizes the military artist. The image of the Thai ethnic g.irl symbolizes the continuation of generations, contributing to building a prosperous and happy Northwest homeland.

Despite the heavy rain, "little Tram" dressed in Thai national costume participating in the ceremony still smiled, waved flower flags, seriously completed his role. The cuteness and freshness of the b.aby spread on social networks, received massive interactions and shares. Many people fondly call her "monument girl", "Dien Bien girl".

Revealing the identity of Dien Bien g.irl caused social media fever - Photo 4

Immediately after the parade, Tram's mother, Ms. Vuong Y Nhi, happily shared that, despite the heavy rain, when she came home, she was still full of energy and did not forget to ask her mother, "Do you smile brightly?"

Nhi said: "On the morning of May 7, he got up at 5:30 to prepare, he was still very happy because both the rehearsal and the preliminary review he also woke up at this time. He acted in the rain, when the rain was heaviest. After acting, although wet, she was still happy and energetic. When I got home, I still didn't forget to ask my mom "are you smiling brightly?", "are you pretty?" ...

It can be said that for Vy Tram, the weather cannot affect the happy mood when performing in a big and grand military parade like May 7. Despite her young age, Vy Tram is still very aware, waking up very early to practice whether it is rain or shine. It is her confident and bright demeanor that captures the hearts of the audience when watching the 70th anniversary of the victory over Dien Bien Phu.

Revealing the identity of Dien Bien g.irl caused social media fever - Photo 5

Currently, the image of "Dien Bien girl", "monument girl" has been sketched into drawings and received the influence of the online community, many users as phone wallpapers, avatars (avatars) of social networking platforms.

Revealing the identity of Dien Bien g.irl caused social media fever - Photo 6

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