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Can Ms. Phuong Hang and Trinh Van Quyet be released on bail if they comply with this?

Nam Phương22:24:01 31/03/2022
Based on legal regulations, if CEO Phuong Hang and Chairman Trinh Van Quyet ensure this factor, the form of prevention can be changed from temporary detention to ban from residence. Phuong Hang and Trinh Van Quyet have just been prosecuted and detained by the authorities. If the...

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Vy Oanh affirmed that anyone who still smears her will 'go to prison to serve idol Hang'

Nắng13:55:53 31/03/2022
Although Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang is being held in custody, Vy Oanh is still mocked by many people as a minor tam, snatching other people's husbands. Recently, female singer Vy Oanh has been constantly involved in dramas related to the case of being accused of snatching her...

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The case of Nguyen Phuong Hang being arrested: Revealing the contents of documents collected by the police at the female CEO's house

Nắng12:24:22 29/03/2022
During the search of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's house, the police agency seized many relevant evidences and documents to serve the investigation. Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang was prosecuted and detained by the Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Bureau for the act of "abusing democratic...

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The case of Mrs. Nguyen Phuong Hang has new details: A series of people close to the CEO met a 'variable'

Hoàng Anh15:29:08 28/03/2022
According to the latest information, the Ho Chi Minh City Police has invited the team to support Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's livestreams to work, make records, and take testimony. After 3 days of executing the arrest warrant for Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang, the Ho Chi Minh City Police...

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Phuong Hang continues to have "bad luck", being sued by a businesswoman for 1000 billion to the end

Nam Phương16:00:42 26/03/2022
Although CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang is in the process of being prosecuted and detained for 3 months for investigation, Ms. Le Thi Giau announced that she will continue to pursue the 1000 billion case until the end. Regarding the case of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang - General Director of...

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Trang Tran shared her experience of being sentenced to prison, asserting that "her sister" Phuong Hang could not escape the sentence

Nam Phương17:45:35 25/03/2022
From the perspective of people who have been prosecuted and banned from leaving the country. Trang Tran affirmed that Phuong Hang's suspended sentence is unlikely. Although he did not directly file a lawsuit against Ms. Phuong Hang like singers Vy Oanh, Dam Vinh Hung or his wife...

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H.OT: Clip of Mrs. Phuong Hang crying, loudly challenging before being detained: "I challenge it, do it"

Nam Phương15:32:35 25/03/2022
I think I'm being pressured even though I've done a lot of meaningful work for the community. Phuong Hang burst into tears on the livestream. On the evening of March 24, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang was officially prosecuted by the Ho Chi Minh City Police Department, prosecuted the...

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H.OT: Revealing a photo of Mrs. Phuong Hang emaciated, her hair drooping after being prosecuted, before doing a challenge

Nam Phương21:09:02 24/03/2022
According to the City Police. In Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang showed signs of non-cooperation, disregard for the law, and many times gathered in large numbers to cause disorder during the investigation. As the People's Public Security newspaper reported on the...

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Ms. Phuong Hang was arrested and detained, Dam Vinh Hung - Vy Oanh was happy to "crow strongly"

Nam Phương20:02:31 24/03/2022
Singers Dam Vinh Hung, Vy Oanh, and journalist Han Ni simultaneously reported that Phuong Hang was detained. On the evening of March 24, the city police. Ho Chi Minh has issued a decision to prosecute the case, prosecute the accused, and hold a detention order against Ms. Nguyen...

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H.OT: Ms. Phuong Hang was officially prosecuted and detained by the police

Kiều Loan19:11:53 24/03/2022
The information that Phuong Hang was officially prosecuted and detained is causing a stir in public opinion. According to information just published on Tuoi Tre Online newspaper on the afternoon of March 24. The Ho Chi Minh City Police has issued a decision to prosecute the...

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Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry."

Nam Phương22:22:44 13/03/2022
Netizens shook their heads and advised Xuan Bac's wife to be calm in how to raise children. The family of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac is considered a model home of Vietnamese showbiz when the couple both have stable careers, lovely children and very good academic records...

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Nguyen Sin "kicked" Mrs. Phuong Hang when asking to renounce her nationality and hire an international lawyer

Nam Phương19:34:51 12/03/2022
Facebooker Nguyen Sin has a mockery of CEO Phuong Hang after she announced to hire an international lawyer to protect her rights. Regarding the drama between Ms. Phuong Hang and some individuals such as singers Vy Oanh, Dam Vinh Hung, Thuy Tien, Journalist Duc Hien, Han Ni and...

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Mrs. Phuong Hang pulled the bodyguard to Han Ni's house "ripe" in the middle of the night, the two sides quarreled

Nam Phương13:41:29 03/03/2022
The fateful meeting between Phuong Hang and journalist Han Ni attracted a lot of attention from the public. That journalist Han Ni has anti-and-false statements about the Hang Huu charity fund owned by her. From mid-2021, CEO Phuong Hang continuously "sacrifices" the opponent on...

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Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport

Nam Phương13:31:10 25/02/2022
The image of Dam Vinh Hung and Mrs. Phuong Hang sitting at the airport was put on the comparison table. Who is more luxurious than who? As the head of a large business chain in Binh Duong province. Ms. Phuong Hang holds a huge amount of assets from real estate, industrial parks...

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Stress: Ms. Phuong Hang caused outrage when she spoke harshly to Hari Won, a righteous fan who "turned around"

Nam Phương16:07:02 17/02/2022
Even though it was exonerated by the authorities. However, CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang - the proponent of the drama - continued to livestream attacking the MC of the Rap Viet program.

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STRONG: "Shoot" 50 billion Tran Thanh has not been paid - Ms. Phuong Hang again demands "physical impact"

Nam Phương14:36:27 16/02/2022
Many viewers were worried about Tran Thanh when Phuong Hang constantly threatened on the livestream. Since the Ministry of Public Security officially concluded that Hoai Linh, Tran Thanh, Dam Vinh Hung and Thuy Tien have shown no signs of appropriating charity m.oney. A part of...

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STRESSED: Nguyen Sin was accused of 'coloring' by Diem My's father, talking a lot and doing little, Phuong Hang is the one with great merit!

Thắng Nguyễn09:57:04 07/01/2022
I thought that Nguyen Sin was the person with the greatest merit in bringing the Bong Lai retreat to the light, but perhaps there was a conspiracy behind it. On January 4, a group of people in "Bong Lai retreat" were officially arrested and prosecuted for crimes such as: F.raud...

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Spreading the identity of "grandfather teacher" with the same DNA as 11 people, the smallest in 2018 - before claiming a life of a monk without a wife and no children

Nam Phương18:20:28 05/01/2022
Before being prosecuted, Mr. Le Tung Van once claimed that he lived a pure religious life, living without a wife and children to create blessings for life. If Japan has an adult film actor Tokuda is considered a symbol of "omnivore", the relationship is contrary to fine customs...

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New drama: Nguyen Sin mocks Phuong Hang for "receiving" the merits of the accusation of Tinh That Bong Lai

Nam Phương13:10:42 05/01/2022
As one of the pioneering individuals to e.xpose Tinh That Bong Lai facility. Facebooker Nguyen Sin felt funny when someone livestream claimed credit for himself. Regarding the case that Tinh That Bong Lai was searched, brought to the investigation headquarters on the afternoon of...

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H.OT: Ms. Phuong Hang was "revealed" during the livestream, Netizen was extremely sarcastic: "Aren't you beautiful?"

Nam Phu01b0u01a1ng16:43:50 03/01/2022
With a deep cut in her skirt, Phuong Hang revealed a bad moment on livestream songs. It's been almost a year since the launch of the livestream campaign to "e.xpose" dirty artists. CEO Phuong Hang constantly broke viewer records and made a mark with a series of viral sayings. In...

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Nguyen Phuong Hang was not satisfied when Hoai Linh escaped the crime of 'blocking' charity, determined to live and die with the comedian

Thắng Nguyễn10:11:20 23/12/2021
After the Ho Chi Minh City Police made a decision not to criminally prosecute comedian Hoai Linh for "Abusing trust to appropriate property", CEO Nguyen Phuong Hang recently announced to end the case. In May 2021, comedian Hoai Linh was unfortunately entangled in the "blocking"...

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S.HOCK: Mrs. Phuong Hang was cheated with a 100 billion heart surgery fund, the bad guys took the m.oney to buy a Range Rover supercar

Nam Phương16:45:22 21/11/2021
There was a vow to contribute 100 billion to carry out a heart surgery campaign in Hanoi, but CEO Phuong Hang received terrible results. On the afternoon of November 21, Ms. Phuong Hang and Doctor of Law Dang Anh Quan held a livestream with the theme "drops overflowing". During...

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Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund

Nam Phương11:20:49 09/11/2021
Phuong Hang continued to make strong moves to respond to singer Vy Oanh. After being attacked by Mrs. Phuong Hang, the livestream revealed her personal life on the livestream. Singer Vy Oanh has filed a lawsuit against CEO Dai Nam for slander and insulting behavior. At the same...

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Trang Khan is upset because the fanpage has been renamed to 'scam'?

Hậu Hậu17:00:38 30/10/2021
Recently, the online community was surprised again when the battle of Trang Khan and female CEO Dai Nam had not come to an end, the model's personal page changed again. Specifically, Trang Khan expressed her frustration because someone changed the name of the fanpage she often...

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