Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport

Nam PhươngFeb 25, 2022 at 13:31

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The image of Dam Vinh Hung and Mrs. Phuong Hang sitting at the airport was put on the comparison table. Who is more luxurious than who?

As the head of a large business chain in Binh Duong province. Ms. Phuong Hang holds a huge amount of assets from real estate, industrial parks to residential projects... Not only famous in the market, in real life, the female CEO is also very "connoisseur" in business. dress, travel. As proof, the number of diamonds that Ms. Phuong Hang owns must be in kilograms, sitting in a supercar of 40-50 billion. The director of Dai Nam Company said that although he did not appear on the Vietnamese stock market, all he had was real wealth, not virtual.

A week ago, Phuong Hang and her team moved to Hanoi to hold a fan meeting in the North. Unfortunately, because of the complicated development of Covid-19, the plan was postponed up to 4 times.

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 1

Recently, in the moment of saying goodbye to the Capital audience to return home. The appearance of Huynh Uy Dung and his wife caused a commotion at Noi Bai airport. In addition to many admiring comments, antifans also had the opportunity to look at the real-life face of the female giant U50. Contrary to the shimmering beauty every livestream. Many comments e.xpose Phuong Hang's excessive use of editing tools to have such a slim and slim figure. Notably, her unsightly sitting posture accidentally made Phuong Hang r.eveal her flaws in public.

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 2

Having had a strong rivalry with singer Dam Vinh Hung, Netizen had the opportunity to compare the completely different styles between the two characters. On one side is a trillionaire but sitting in a common waiting chair, wearing a diamond and crocodile skin bag, but it looks quite cumbersome and confusing. The other side is a singer, but spends m.oney sitting in the VIP waiting room, with a luxurious spirit. The "righteous" faction immediately defended that because Phuong Hang and her husband wanted to be close and take pictures with the audience, they chose a simple way. Importantly, the class is not reflected in the airport seats, but their contributions have been recognized by the public:

On a forum, account P.Đ.HS sarcastically:


CEO TUAN B.OOM goes to the airport to sit in a normal seat & NOT in a merchant's VIP waiting room. HOW DIFFERENT LEVEL ARE DIFFERENT LEARNING HEN!

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 3

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 4

In the market, Ms. Phuong Hang said she has never failed. In a livestream not long ago, Ms. Hang accidentally revealed her fortune:

"At the age of 50 I have everything, I have a husband but I am independent. My assets are real, not virtual on the stock market... Talking about luxury, no one is better than me, it's hard to find anyone. But my life I enjoy myself, don't let anyone who doesn't know say that I snatched my husband, robbed...

In terms of assets, 500, 700 million to 1 billion dollars I have... Every time I show up there will be a different set of jewelry. My diamonds are in the kilos. Because I am passionate, I work hard to m.ake m.oney. All the diamond shops in foreign countries know my face... I drive cars of 40, 50 billion, having a few cars is normal. I live in many houses with frontage, red book I weigh, but I have never brought it up with pride."

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 5

Not only making many people overwhelmed with her "huge" fortune, she also emphasized her professorial degree from Apollos University in the United States to prove herself a rich person in both material things. , rich in both education.

This female giant also said that she is knowledgeable, has a luxurious life, billions of dollars in assets, but her point of view is very knowledgeable! "What I have, I already have, what I am enough, I am enough, so I bring profits to my life, helping others ...", Ms. Phuong Hang said.

On the evening of February 23, Phuong Hang officially closed the contest against a series of dirty artists in the past time. Accordingly, the 50-year-old female giant said that despite the decision of the Ministry of Public Security, the masks in the hearts of the public of the artists were exposed.

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 6

"Dear friends, this is my second time denouncing dirty artists. Even though there is a decision of the Ministry of Public Security, why doesn't anyone rush in to receive the a.ward and clap again. I openly denounced in public and pay compensation for wrongful honor. Play so well, right?

I end these 4 people here because the truth has already exposed them all. Stage 1 artist has completely ended. Will continue one by one. To see if I can do it alone. More humiliating than word humiliation from now on. Do you think I'm good, I'm beautiful, you guys? And I also play dry b.lood out of b.lood I pump to continue playing. Wishing you a happy and peaceful sleep. After this drama, I'm very good at treating deaf and mute disease, right guys," the rich man's wife Dung wrote.

Ms. Phuong Hang was criticized for being "inferior" sitting, far behind Dam Vinh Hung at the airport - Photo 7

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