Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund

Nam PhươngNov 09, 2021 at 11:20

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Phuong Hang continued to make strong moves to respond to singer Vy Oanh.

After being attacked by Mrs. Phuong Hang, the livestream revealed her personal life on the livestream. Singer Vy Oanh has filed a lawsuit against CEO Dai Nam for slander and insulting behavior. At the same time, the voice of "Let me cry" also asked the authorities for urgent protection because he received many threats. On the evening of November 8, Mrs. Phuong Hang shocked again when she once again revealed the relationship of Vy Oanh and 3 mysterious men. The female giant U50 implies that the singer born in 1985 has dated many married giants and challenged her to have her children's DNA tested with her current husband.

Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund - Photo 1

Continuing to make a move to "defeat" her juniors, Phuong Hang recently announced that she had officially denounced Vy Oanh for her act of vandalizing and distorting the Hang Huu charity fund as well as the information about the 4000 ha land fund auction. to buy vaccines to support compatriots. According to Dung's wife, this is a "crime" because it has gone against the policy of disease prevention of the state and people over the past time.

Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund - Photo 2

Nguyen shared by Mrs. Phuong Hang: "Dear friends,

Today, Phuong Hang, I officially sued Vy Oanh for the crime of WILLING AGAINST our Hang Huu Charity Fund. We have a vow to contribute 4 hectares of land with a value of 1,000 billion VND to fund the purchase of vaccines and medical equipment to help people in the most difficult time of the epidemic. But Vy Oanh has Deliberately misrepresented, ANTI-BASED our charity fund, our company, and also my husband and I personally.

This is an act of defiance right in the middle of the time when the Prime Minister has issued a very clear policy, stating a very clear point of view, distorting and opposing the epidemic prevention efforts of many classes of people across the country. IS A CRIMINAL!

But what is the motivation that makes Vy Oanh do this? Because Vy Oanh and I did not know each other before. I will ask the police agency to clarify WHAT REACTIVE ORGANIZATION IS BEING BACK OF VY OANH that planned to pull the strings for Vy Oanh to do it. And what is the intention that Vy Oanh and Huynh Ngoc Thien Vuong team raided the oxygen factory, into our charity fund!

Please wait and see if I say I can!

Nguyen Phuong Hang"

Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund - Photo 3

Not long away, the hundred billion challenge between singer Vy Oanh and Phuong Hang attracted the attention of public opinion. Vy Oanh challenged, in 2 days, if Ms. Phuong Hang donates 200 billion and 15 million doses of vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19, the singer is ready to give 400 billion to Hang, double the amount of Ms. Hang. used to "beg".

For her part, Ms. Phuong Hang said, there will be evidence to support 200 billion in 10-15 days for her heart surgery fund. Apparently, Ms. Hang did not meet Vy Oanh's criteria in just 2 days and supported the f.ight against COVID-19. After 10 am on 5/7, Vy Oanh said that Ms. Hang lost.

Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund - Photo 4

In the challenge between Vy Oanh and Phuong Hang, it is difficult to determine exactly who flipped the Hang's supporter thinks that Vy Oanh doesn't play well when 200 billion is not a big deal for Hang, but to have 15 million doses of vaccine in 2 days as well as at this time is unthinkable.

Meanwhile, those who sided with Vy Oanh said that the singer did not flip the because in fact, Mrs. Hang could not fulfill the challenge. Many fans of Vy Oanh also agree with the singer's opinion that she has the right to set conditions when she is the one giving m.oney and Hang is in the position of "begging" for m.oney.

Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund - Photo 5

After Vy Oanh announced the loss, Phuong Hang livestream affirmed that she did not talk about playing, especially about m.oney. "I live the truth, tell the truth, do the truth," emphasized this female giant.

Mr. Dung's wife "lime kiln" also said that if Vy Oanh donates 400 billion, she will contribute 20% of her total red book. Phuong Hang said: "If you win, you lose to give birth, but after giving birth, go and play again, Vy Oanh.

After Vy Oanh gives birth, I will go to Vy Oanh and her husband's house to ask for 400 billion for charity. I accept humiliation, if not, then I go home. But if you don't give it, Vy Oanh must have a word."

Frustrated: Ms. Phuong Hang officially sued Vy Oanh, f.orced to pay the price for misrepresenting the heart surgery fund - Photo 6

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