BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs

Phong TrầnFeb 22, 2024 at 16:19

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BLACKPINK can be said to be one of the groups with the most unique operating models in Kpop. After leaving YG, the 4 members took turns opening their own "empire" instead of signing a contract with another company and continued to maintain group activities.

"7-year curse" is probably a phrase that causes obsession and fear for many Kpop fans. Due to the specific issue of contracts with management companies, many groups can only work together until the 7th year. The end of idols' contracts is a "nightmare" for fans, they do not Know whether your favorite group will continue to renew their contract or stop. There are many groups that, despite being very active and having a large fan base, still sadly disband when they pass this milestone. Therefore, 7 years is considered the average lifespan of an idol group.

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 1

The reason for BLACKPINK is that fans are even more worried because the girls are still the top Kpop group. Even though they have been active for 7 years, the names of the 4 girls are still at the peak, even becoming more and more famous. So the biggest concern at that time was that the group could not overcome the haunting "7-year curse".

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 2

However, BLACKPINK is another case, when they not only overcame the curse, but also created an unprecedented operating model in Kpop and around the world.

After a long period of negotiations, in the end, the 4 BLACKPINK members only maintained group activities at YG Entertainment, and remained independent in their individual activities. This was the beginning of the "separate and together" way of working. There have been cases of several band members leaving the company, but there has never been a precedent for a band with all 4 members separating like BLACKPINK. Therefore, SPOTV News believes that this is an experimental step in Kpop, which can explode like fireworks or be as risky as playing with fire.

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 3

Even more shocking, all 4 members decided to take control of their careers by becoming "general managers" and opening their own companies instead of joining an existing unit. This is unprecedented in Kpop, even worldwide.

Jennie was the first member to "fire the shot" when establishing her own company called ODD ATELIER (abbreviated as OA) in November 2023. According to what is introduced on the official website, the label founded by Jennie belongs to the professional service/management industry with the motto "We are passionate about music". As soon as the information that Jennie had her own company was revealed, OA's website crashed due to too much traffic worldwide.

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 4

Lisa is the second member to be promoted to "general manager". At exactly 2:00 p.m. on February 8, the youngest member of BLACKPINK caused an uproar in the online community when she officially announced the establishment of her own company called LLOUD. Accordingly, Lisa will officially become the CEO with an introduction to LLOUD: "This is the platform for me to express my creative vision of music and entertainment. Let's explore and collaborate together." Go on an emotional journey, conquer new challenges and create memorable experiences."

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 5

Following in the footsteps of her two younger siblings, the eldest sister is the third member to announce her own company BLISSOO. On the official website, Jisoo shared that BLISSOO will be where she develops herself, becoming an all-round artist not only with music but also as a professional actress. The female idol's older brother is said to be the person who accompanied and built the company with Jisoo.

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 6

Rosé is the last member who has not officially announced the establishment of her own "empire", but Korean media in recent days has reported that she will soon announce that she will become a "general manager" like her three sisters.

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 7

Besides, the main vocalist BLACKPINK also revealed many "hints" for her solo album comeback. She also created a chat group with 4 million fans to find an official name for the fandom.

BLACKPINK has the most unique operating model in Kpop: a group with 4 real CEOs - Photo 8

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