BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by 'BTS sister' at Coachella

Mẫn NhiFeb 21, 2024 at 10:19

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As a K-pop representative following BLACKPINK's opening performance at the world's largest music festival Coachella, LE SSERAFIM made an extremely precious move to mention their seniors, making both fans excited.

At 4:00 p.m. February 19 (Vietnam time), LE SSERAFIM officially makes a comeback with the mini album EASY and the theme MV of the same name. The comeback of the HYBE g.irl group has made people excited for a long time through a series of carefully invested and eye-catching concept photos. Not to disappoint fans, LE SSERAFIM "released" 5 quality songs along with an eye-catching theme MV, meticulous in every detail.

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 1

The HYBE g.irl group enters its third year of operation with an increasingly successful career, impressive achievements and music quality that maintains its form through each project. LE SSERAFIM is also the next g.irl group after BLACKPINK to appear in the official line-up of the world's largest music festival Coachella. Performing here is an honor for many artists. Only a few Kpop groups can appear on the famous stage.

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 2

At the mini album release showcase EASY on February 19, LE SSERAFIM made a notable statement when mentioning BLACKPINK, regarding the honor of performing at Coachella. Specifically, the group said: "We are so lucky to be able to perform at Coachella. Previously, we were overwhelmed by senior BLACKPINK's performance, it was a dream stage for us. Feeling It's strange that this opportunity comes like this."

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 3

LE SSERAFIM refers to the global g.irl group with respect and pride. Netizens gave a shower of compliments to the 5 girls. The EASY comeback is creating a positive effect on music charts, LE SSERAFIM is expected to have an explosive performance at Coachella next April. As one of the top 4th generation g.irl groups, this is the perfect opportunity for LE SSERAFIM to follow their predecessors and go further internationally.

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 4

Coachella 2024 music festival takes place in two weeks, from April 12-14, 2024 and April 19-21, 2024.

Singer Lana Del Rey, rappers Tyler, The Creator and rapper Doja Cat are the main performers of this year's festival. In addition, LE SSERAFIM, ATEEZ and The Rose are Korean groups confirmed to participate in the program.

Coachella is known as the "dream stage" of artists. This is a prestigious, large-scale festival, attracting more than 200,000 spectators each year.

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 5

In 2019, BLACKPINK made fans around the world proud when they became the first K-pop g.irl group to appear at the world's largest music festival Coachella.

And since their appearance at this 24-year-old music festival, it has become a launching pad to help BLACKPINK reach even further in the international music market.

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 6

Coachella is not only the largest music festival on the planet but also a major music festival symbol of the entire United States, so the appearance of BLACKPINK as the main performer has affirmed its position. of the YG group on the international stage.

Debuting in 2022, LE SSERAFIM is considered a group with uniform appearance and good choreography. Even though it has only been active for 3 years, "BTS's little sister" has high expectations when appearing at the Coachella music festival this year. Not only are they talented, but the girls are also extremely enthusiastic about every stage. If BLACKPINK has Rosé and Jennie as two members who grew up in the West, then LE SSERAFIM also has "American girl" Huh Yun Jin who will definitely not disappoint fans.

BLACKPINK was specially mentioned as a legend by BTS sister at Coachella - Photo 7

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