BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person "lives in hiding"

Quỳnh QuỳnhFeb 15, 2024 at 14:59

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After the end of their individual contracts with YG, the BLACKPINK members began their solo activities vigorously. Following in Jennie's footsteps, Lisa has also officially started her own company, Jisoo focuses on acting, Rosé is still the member that makes fans most curious.

On her birthday, February 11, Rosé briefly released her self-composed song 'Vampirehollie' through her account. The idol surprised by releasing her self-composed song.

She said: "I'm so grateful to have celebrated my 27th birthday. I know there hasn't been much news about me lately so you must be very curious about what I'm doing. I've been working hard every day because I want to see you guys this year looking better.

I want to surprise you when I'm more perfect so not much information about me is revealed. Today is my birthday, I want to share the song I wrote last year and promise that I will do my best to come back to a better look this year."

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 1

Not stopping there, Rosé also asked fans to name the fandom. This further confirms the possibility that Rosé will soon make a comeback as an independent artist in 2024. Before that, she released "hint" as music in the US.

Not only Rosé but the BLACKPINK members are receiving a lot of support from fans as the group claims to stand together and work solo.

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 2

Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has now entered its 8th year. BLACKPINK continues their group activities only with YG Entertainment. In December last year, YG announced, "We have signed a contract extension for BLACKPINK's group activities" and that "individual activities will continue without separate additional contracts."

The first person to announce that she would be working solo was member Jennie. Jennie founded her personal label ODD ATELIER with her mother. Her first solo activity was appearing on KBS 2TV's 'The Seasons - Lee Hyori's Red Carpet' and received a standing ovation from the audience.

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 3

On the afternoon of February 8, Lisa took the music industry by storm when she announced the creation of her own label LLOUD. Accordingly, Lisa will be the next member of BLACKPINK to build a personal career with a professional agency. Lisa's social media platforms quickly gained a huge amount of interaction, especially the official website. Fans are extremely excited, excited to congratulate the youngest BLACKPINK brother on a new milestone in his career.

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 4

Worthy of the title of global idol, Lisa immediately caused a social media fever, covering images everywhere. Lisa released the LLOUD label to the top of the search charts, receiving a shower of praise for her sheer temperament.

Shaking off her "living doll" image, Lisa played loudly stroking her roof upside down. With short hair in a suit plus 100 charisma points, the youngest BLACKPINK brother shows off his superstar temperament in the 8th year of his career. In the image of the president, Lisa did not forget to break the way with a bold cut out at the hip. The "Japanese sword" legs are also fully honored.

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 5

Besides, if Jennie's own headquarters is located in Korea, the location of Lisa's company headquarters also makes many people curious. Accordingly, the international online community has "traced" the IP address of the website - the official website of LLOUD. The results showed that the website IP address was displayed in the US.

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 6

In addition, Lisa's "check-in" image with billboard billboard advertising LLOUD is also in Los Angeles, California - a US state. It is these "proofs" that make Lisa's international fan community question that LLOUD's headquarters are located in the US, not South Korea or France - the home of billionaire boyfriend - CEO Frédéric Arnault.

As for the eldest BLACKPINK sister, Jisoo plans to continue her personal activities with Blissoo, which specializes in b.aby health supplements founded by her brother. She has also announced she will star in an "Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint" movie, marking her move into acting.

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 7

BLACKPINK officially works solo: 2 people become total talents, 1 person lives in hiding - Photo 8

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