What made idols choose to set up their own "empire" instead of re-signing?

Vân AnhFeb 12, 2024 at 11:11

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The two cult members of Blackpink after leaving YG Entertainment have continuously wowed fans with their decision to establish their own "empire", opening up many interesting directions in the future.

In the recent period, which can be seen in the K-pop or Cbiz market, many artists separated from the original agency to form their own agency after the end of their contracts. Although there are many benefits, there are risks somewhere.

What made idols choose to set up their own empire instead of re-signing? - Photo 1

Idol groups often find themselves at a crossroads when their standard 7-year exclusive contract ends, they have to decide whether to re-sign or move on to a new agency. However, there has been a new trend starting from the 3rd generation of idols.

The growing trend of idols is to set up their own management company.

A good example is the global hit group BlackPink. After signing an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment last year, the four members opted for a short-term extension with YG solely for group activities.

What made idols choose to set up their own empire instead of re-signing? - Photo 2

Jennie recently started her independent management company under the name ODD ATELIER. On KBS 2TV's The Seasons music show Lee Hyori's Red Carpet on January 5, Jennie also revealed the reason for her decision to start the agency: "I wanted to explore my personal activities more freely, which made me wary of starting my own company."

What made idols choose to set up their own empire instead of re-signing? - Photo 3

Following Jennie, on February 8, Lisa officially announced the opening of her own company called LLOUD.

Contrary to anticipation of a new cosmetics brand or music project, Lisa started her own company. Lisa's post touts LLOUD as a platform that embodies the idol's vision for music and entertainment: "Join me on this exciting journey to push new boundaries together."

Lisa's company carries the message of "a blend of sound and innovation": "Not only are we pushing boundaries, we are redefining them, creating top-notch music that tops the charts without being constrained by genres," reads the company's website.

What made idols choose to set up their own empire instead of re-signing? - Photo 4

Restricted to the country's entertainment market because of striptease, Lisa's work has not been affected too much. She stepped up her activities in France after refusing to sign a personal contract with YG. Many believe that the support from her young master boyfriend Frédéric Arnault made Lisa's career more flourishing.

As the renewal of contracts between the big boys in the entertainment industry and idols approaches, the question arises: why is it more profitable for artists to set up their own companies?

If anyone is more interested in the entertainment industry, they will probably observe idol singers forming their own companies to clearly express their preferred music style and pursue more freedom in their activities.

What made idols choose to set up their own empire instead of re-signing? - Photo 5

Even some in the industry have pointed out that the main benefit of such companies is the significant level of control and freedom they give to artists. Large companies can make many different decisions during an artist's career, including decisions about his personal life.

Meanwhile, individual companies can allow artists to prioritize their creative vision and interests. More importantly, it's financial.

However, starting your own company is not without challenges. Compared to large companies, artists' own companies often lack resources and vision. This can limit growth at higher levels for the artist.

What made idols choose to set up their own empire instead of re-signing? - Photo 6

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