Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense 'war of words' with 'small tam' Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention

Ning JingJul 21, 2023 at 13:29

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After many days of war on social networks with Quynh Thu and her ex-husband - young master Duc Pham, recently, Diep Lam Anh had a reunion with Trang Tran as well as the cast of 'The Amazing Race' after 10 years.

Perhaps, in recent times, Diep Lam Anh's deadliest and darkest time when she "fought" alone with her ex-husband to win custody of the children. Not only facing her husband Duc Pham in court, but she also faced accusations and harsh criticism from the young master's husband's family as well as Quynh Thu on social networks.

After a period of "fighting" with many people from the court to social networks, recently Diep Lam Anh has also appeared. Accordingly, actress Ha Thanh had a reunion with close friends since participating in the reality TV show "Amazing Race" in 2013 such as Trang Tran, Pong Chuan, Kiwi Ngo Mai Trang,... at an intimate and fun party.

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 1

Diep Lam Anh wrote: "2013 - Amazing race. 2023 - Each person has a race. Wish everyone will be the champion in the contest of their choice. The same will be with Em Cu!".

In addition, with the photos that Diep Lam Anh posted on social networks, it can be seen partly why many events and "tense" fights between her and her husband's family or actress Quynh Thu seem to have recovered, as well as her spirit.

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 2

Witnessing this image, the audience recoiled, reminiscent of memories when Diep Lam Anh and his friends in the same picture frame all appeared at a hit TV gameshow many years ago.

In addition to compliments on the beautiful friendship between the members of "Amazing Race" over the past 10 years or the radiant beauty of Diep Lam Anh after unhappy events, many colleagues and netizens have left encouraging and comforting messages as well as blessings to the beautiful Ha Thanh, hoping she will find happiness for herself, focus on her work to take care of her children.

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 3

Diep Lam Anh once made many people admire when he had an admirable marriage with young master Duc Pham. After getting married, the two have two lovely and beautiful children. However, happiness did not last long, at the end of 2021, the couple made many people "faint and faint" when declaring "everyone's way".

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 4

At the beginning of 2022, the Vietnamese entertainment industry and a large number of Vietnamese audiences were surprised by the news that Diep Lam Anh had decided to take her two children out of her husband's house. And also according to the share, Diep Lam Anh once directly went to "tieu tam" to clarify the relationship between this woman and her husband. However, the other g.irl ignored it, still blatantly dating, and even attacked the "right house".

Many people believe that the "third person" mentioned in the story is Quynh Thu, when the image of her husband Diep Lam Anh leaving the model's private house at dawn.

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 5

As for Diep Lam Anh, after separating and completing the divorce procedure, she left her husband's house and moved with her daughter to live in a luxury apartment. She said her husband decided to "divide the children", regaining the right to manage the business brand. Although worried about the "stepmother and son-in-law" in the future, but before the determination of young master Duc Pham, Diep Lam Anh said that she would accept not having full custody of 2 children.

After the former model's marriage story was shared, netizens and many famous artist colleagues expressed their frustration, siding with Diep Lam Anh, criticizing the actions of "small tam".

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 6

The story of divorce and custody of children of Diep Lam Anh and her husband's young master has lasted until the present when in early July both had a meeting in court. Also at that trial, Diep Lam Anh also strongly pointed out the name "small tam" who destroyed his family, none other than Quynh Thu. Even then, Diep Lam Anh also released a series of evidences, messages back and forth between Quynh Thu and young master Duc Pham or a clip of her and her mother-in-law coming to meet "three faces and one word" directly with the pet chicken Vu Khac Tiep.

Diep Lam Anh appeared after an extremely tense war of words with small tam Quynh Thu, her beauty attracted attention - Photo 7

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