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Nam I liquidate clothes, husband sells meat, Nathan Lee is upset, wants to treat his juniors nicely?

Minh Lợi14:43:55 22/05/2024
Since the series of bad noises, Nam Em stopped all entertainment-related activities. The female model chose to return to her hometown to live with her boyfriend and assistant. On her personal page, she regularly updates everyday moments to interact with fans.

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Nam Em makes a condition with the antifan, she will accept to leave her husband if anyone helps with this!

Đình Như15:29:32 13/05/2024
The love story between Nam Em and her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong is still a topic that receives a lot of attention from the public. Recently, Miss Mekong Delta attracted attention when mentioning the issue of breaking up with her boyfriend on livestream.

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Nam Em revealed his regret after being arrested by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications. HCM proposes to block social media

Bút Chì13:48:24 10/05/2024
HCMC Department of Information & Communications HCMC has proposed to consider applying measures to prevent violations of the law on social media against Nam Em. Soon after, the beauty also made a remarkable move on social media.

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Nam Em was suddenly asked to marry, the owner himself said that he was f.orced to pass a "stage"

An Nhi10:20:00 08/05/2024
Nam Em is still a name that catches the attention on social media, especially in terms of romance. In a livestream, the Tien Giang beauty was suddenly asked to marry from fans because of her cute way of talking.

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Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé

Keng07:53:03 08/05/2024
Despite turning to business, Nam Em said she could no longer afford to repay her debts and this responsibility would fall to her guardian, her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong.

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Nam Em's husband faked poverty to test his wife's heart, suspects malfunction because of 1 detail!

JLO19:40:58 06/05/2024
Nam Em and her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong appeared on the livestream. Here, the beauty Tien Giang suddenly revealed specifically about her current life. 1 detail that led people to suspect the couple of problems.

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Nam Em was suspected of being pregnant again, immediately corrected, said 1 lamentable sentence

JLO09:28:42 02/05/2024
From the beginning of 2024 until now, the relationship between Nam Em and her businessman boyfriend has not stopped cooling down as the two continuously encounter many events in their lives. Recently, the couple moved permanently to Da Lat to live and heal.

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Nam Em's fiancé was criticized for being inferior to her boyfriend Ngan 98, he needs to learn this

Uyển Đình10:45:01 30/04/2024
Recently, Ngan 98 received attention after the spinning kick of Que Van and Nam Em. Not stopping there, Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's boyfriend was also dragged into the fray, compared to Luong Bang Quang - Ngan 98's boyfriend.

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Nam Em has a "cool" business, revealed that he earns more than 1 billion/month, and boldly said one sentence

Nguyễn Kim14:23:49 26/04/2024
After a series of noise on social networks, Nam Em has now left the city to return to his hometown to live and do online business with his boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong. Recently, the beauty from Tien Giang revealed her revenue, surprising many people.

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Nam Em revealed the time of her wedding and her strange reaction when she was told to break up with her boyfriend

Nguyễn Tuyết15:30:39 25/04/2024
Nam Em and her boyfriend once announced that they would hold their wedding in April 2024. But now, it's almost May, and the two still haven't mentioned anything about this issue, making many people curious.

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Nam Em was so broke that she took a risk and persuaded her assistant to say that perfume prevents cancer and heart disease?

Snow09:34:48 25/04/2024
After announcing that his account balance was less than 1 million VND, Nam Em encountered a new fate called an assistant. This guy innocently advertises selling perfume, making people angry.

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Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesn't dare go out because of this!

Hoa Tuyết15:04:40 24/04/2024
After the events, Nam Em chose to leave the bustling city to live in Da Lat with her boyfriend. However, the beauty's condition in the new land is not very positive, making fans worried.

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Nam Em moved to Da Lat, thinking it was peaceful, but unexpectedly things became more and more unusual

Hoa Tuyết11:10:44 22/04/2024
Since moving to Da Lat, Nam Em has revealed more unusual points than when she was in Ho Chi Minh City. Netizens also noticed that her eyes recently were strange to the point of being unbelievable.

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Nam Em and Sofia "met without appointment" and were both exposed to shocking secrets by their assistants

Phượng Vũ13:57:14 18/04/2024
After being administratively fined 10 million VND by the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, Nam Em was quiet for a few days and then livestreamed again. However, she did not show her face, only her boyfriend and assistant informed her.

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Nam Em came back, was suspected of making fun of My Tam, her biological sister immediately kicked her?

Đình Như17:41:19 17/04/2024
After being sanctioned for the second time in hiding, Nam Em recently suddenly reappeared. However, instead of regaining the audience's sympathy, the drama queen continued to make netizens angry because of her confusing and lackadaisical attitude.

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Nam Em is not on the same page as Ngan 98, but has exactly the same characteristics as each other

Phượng Vũ16:33:05 15/04/2024
Although they constantly denounce each other on social networks, recently, people discovered that Nam Em and Ngan 98 have extremely interesting things in common. If you don't watch regularly, you won't know that the two are against each other.

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Nam Em's billion-dollar YouTube channel was "discolored" and the identity of the person who did this was surprising

Hướng Dương13:26:05 13/04/2024
Nam Em, after being administratively fined, continuously encountered misfortunes, with his social network accounts being defaced one after another. The latest is a YouTube channel with dozens of MVs that suddenly disappeared without a trace.

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Nam Em locked down social networks, left showbiz, Department of Performing Arts clearly stated ban on broadcasting?

Hoàng Phúc17:29:41 11/04/2024
On April 9, after two days of working at the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, Miss Nam Em received a decision to fine 10 million VND for continuing to livestream causing public confusion.

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Ngan 98 publicly criticized her boyfriend Nam Em, closing the door compared to Luong Bang Quang

Phi Yến15:09:44 11/04/2024
After the lawsuit against each other on social networks, Nam Em and Ngan 98 became two names that people paid special attention to. While the beauty queen was being punished administratively, the female DJ suddenly mentioned her boyfriend.

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Trang Tran sent a few words to Nam Em and encouraged the other person to sing again

Phi Yến09:51:03 11/04/2024
After Nam Em worked with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City for the second time, Trang Tran shared something that attracted the attention of netizens. Many people think that the former model is sending a message to her juniors.

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Nam Em felt embarrassed after paying a 10 million fine, admitted to being seriously depressed, and promised to return to showbiz

Trí Nhi09:01:28 11/04/2024
Miss Nam Em, after being invited to work for the second time by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications, recently spoke for the first time. She said that from now on she would have to live well, find her own motivation every day, and promised to return to showbiz soon if things were stable.

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Nam Em's husband was "caught" driving a billion-dollar supercar and rammed a series of motorbikes at the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City.

An Nhi07:04:42 11/04/2024
Nam Em's fiancé's clumsy driving was recorded and widely shared on forums. Everyone seemed confused and doubtful about businessman Bui Huu Cuong's driving ability.

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Nam Em was fined 10 million by the Department of Information and Communications, proposed to block social media accounts, stop livestreaming?

Đình Như07:18:10 10/04/2024
On the morning of April 9, Nam Em and manager Bui Huu Cuong were present at the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City according to the summons. After the meeting, the beauty queen was administratively fined 10 million VND.

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Nam Em fainted in Bui Huu Cuong's arms, sobbing at the Department of Information and Communications after being held for the 2nd time

Pinky14:36:59 09/04/2024
A series of images of Nam Em sobbing and fainting on the arms of her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong when being arrested by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications. HCM summoned for the 2nd time, causing the people to stir. Everyone is worried about the turbulent health of the beauty.

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