Being "dumped" by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this!

Nguyễn TuyếtMar 13, 2024 at 14:51

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After a loud argument on the livestream, Nam Em declared "long live freedom" and said he had learned a big lesson not to rely on anyone. And her fiancé still does this for her.

Recently, Nam Em and her boyfriend Huu Cuong continued to become the focus of social networks when they publicly denounced each other live on livestream. The beauty queen criticized the other person for being patriarchal and said obscene and threatening words just because she went out with Que Van.

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 1

After the noise of "fighting" and even demanding a breakup on social networks, the "every move" of the beauty born in 1996 and her boyfriend received attention. Even though they are "far apart" from each other, Huu Cuong still has his personal profile picture as a romantic photo next to Nam Em.

In addition, the male businessman also kept the article defending his girlfriend posted at the end of 2023. This move of his made netizens feel confused. Many netizens expressed frustration and disappointment because of the noise the couple created on social networks during the past time.

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 2

Previously, Huu Cuong admitted that he currently does not work but stays at home "freeloading" on Nam Em. Besides, he also said that he is actively making m.oney from his job as a manager so that he can have enough m.oney to travel to Korea with his girlfriend. However, at this time, the couple is rumored to have broken up after a series of rumors.

As for Nam Em, she confided that she learned a big lesson after this incident: not to rely on anyone. "Don't rely on anyone. In life, in life, only freedom can make you happy, no bond can make you happy.

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 3

So now I will enjoy my freedom. Enjoy until you get old. I'm grateful to have learned the lesson that just being happy and loving forever, making m.oney, living a meaningful, happy and optimistic life is great," the beauty said.

She also believes that she should stop dreaming: "Everyone watching movies should be less virtual. I watched too many love movies so I became virtual. I thought love outside was like in the movies." That's why the story goes so far. So watch the movie just for entertainment, don't have fantasies."

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 4

When asked about her fiancé's current relationship after the "war of words", Miss Mekong Delta 2015 said: "I heard that he has become a monk. Let him become a monk, let the world be at peace." ".

Notably, yesterday afternoon (March 12), Nam Em suddenly revealed that Huu Cuong was preparing to come over to the house so the two sides could sit and talk frankly with each other while livestreaming and interacting with several foreign TikTokers.

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 5

"But now people come to my house, not me to other people's houses. Now everyone should find a solution for me, but if I lose, how can I lose? As long as I come to other people's houses, then I will lose." Really, this is someone coming to my house.

Now people say the solution is to tell me to break up, right? Well, I said that he and I broke up. Right now I'm single. But now people are coming to my house looking for me, so what should I do now? "she said. Most of the online community expressed their opposition, saying that the Tien Giang beauty should not return or give the other person another chance. other.

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 6

Responding to the audience's advice, Nam Em firmly affirmed: "Everyone, please give me a solution. It's not about sitting down and talking to each other. See if people want what they want, but there's no way to avoid it." .

Or should I just sit in this room and hide from him for the rest of my life? I also need to talk it out, to see what he wants. We have to talk clearly and see what we want."

Being dumped by Nam Em right on the livestream, her boyfriend still maintains this! - Photo 7

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