Nam Em mentioned TG's name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to "relieve his sadness" every day.

An NhiJan 19, 2024 at 09:37

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Not only his singing career, Nam Em's love story is always a h.ot topic that many audiences are interested in. Recently, on her livestream, the beautiful Tien Giang suddenly recalled an old story with TG, attracting attention.

Recently, Nam Em had a livestream to interact with fans. Notably, Miss Mekong Delta also mentioned love stories in the past. Also appearing in this livestream was boyfriend Huu Cuong. He sat next to her, occasionally talking to Nam Em and reading viewers' comments.

Nam Em mentioned TGs name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to relieve his sadness every day. - Photo 1

Notably, in an event on the livestream, Nam Em suddenly mentioned an old story with a person named TG. She said that she was psychologically traumatized at a time when she was in a noisy situation a few years ago and turned to alcohol to "relieve her sadness." ". It wasn't until I met my current lover, Nam, that I was able to quit drinking.

"Since the trauma with TG, I've been drinking, drinking every day. Every day I have to drink, drink to forget about life... Only now when I met Mr. Cuong have I stopped drinking, now Now I've given it up, I haven't touched a single drop. Now I'm looking for something to make me forget, to balance my head so I can talk and wake up" - Nam Em shared.

Although no specific character was mentioned, only the TG implication was hidden, many people knew what Nam Em was talking about.

Nam Em mentioned TGs name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to relieve his sadness every day. - Photo 2

In addition, the beauty from Tien Giang also revealed her life together with her current boyfriend. She was pampered to the fullest, and didn't have to do anything with her hands or feet. Every day, my boyfriend cooks for Nam Em and also manages the m.oney i.n the house.

"Since my boyfriend entered my life, he has rearranged everything. Sometimes when I lack crew m.oney, he doesn't pay," Nam Em said.

Nam Em mentioned TGs name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to relieve his sadness every day. - Photo 3

During the livestream, she also talked about plastic surgery in the past, expressing her regret for her previous beauty. Remember nearly 5 years ago, Nam Em surprised everyone when he appeared with a different beauty after a period of hiding. The beauty shows off photos with big, round, somewhat puffy eyes. At that time, she was said to have gone to a plastic surgeon to have eyelid surgery and eye corners opened to perfect her facial features. And now, after many years, the beauty queen of the Mekong Delta has spoken out to confirm the "cutlery" incident.

Nam Em mentioned TGs name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to relieve his sadness every day. - Photo 4

Recently, Nam Em became a noisy name when the relationship between her and her boyfriend continuously had instability just after announcing the relationship. Previously, information about Nam Em about to marry her businessman boyfriend attracted special attention from the community. All of her activities and statements on social networks quickly became a h.ot topic, heatedly discussed by netizens on many forums.

In an interview with the media, Nam Em shared her happiness when announcing that in April next year, she and her boyfriend will hold an engagement party. It is known that they met when Nam Em came to buy feng shui items at his store. After 6 months of courtship, the two decided to enter married life.

Nam Em mentioned TGs name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to relieve his sadness every day. - Photo 5

After all the troubles that have passed, Nam Em and her fiancé are still extremely passionate and happy together. During every performance, Nam Em is accompanied and taken care of by her boyfriend backstage.

Nam Em's full name is Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em, born in 1996 in Tien Giang. She was crowned Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and placed her name in the top 8 of Miss Earth 2016. Currently, the beauty born in 1996 mainly focuses on the music industry with a tight schedule of performing in foreign countries. Tea rooms and singing venues.

Nam Em mentioned TGs name on the livestream, r.evealing that he always looks for alcohol to relieve his sadness every day. - Photo 6

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