Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is

Kim LâmFeb 18, 2024 at 11:09

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According to Nam Em, this man was vague, cheated on her feelings, just wore a flower shirt to his birthday but then wore the same flower shirt to propose to "someone else".

Nam Em's livestream recently attracted great attention from netizens. Recently, Nam Em suddenly revealed that she was said to be the third person in the past. Nam Em did not mention the name of the man in the story for fear of noise, but she exposed what she went through, surprising netizens.

Nam Em added that she was resigned to not wanting to make a big deal out of it, but when she realized that she was being turned into a media pawn for others, she couldn't stand it anymore.

Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is - Photo 1

Specifically, according to Nam Em, the person she mentioned is a male colleague in showbiz. The two filmed a show together called "7 buds". Nam Em said that at first the person used "sweet words", the two often went out separately after recording. During that time, this person also offered to have children, even went to his own house to propose to her.

Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is - Photo 2

Notably, Nam Em said the man also drove her "to the hotel". She stressed that at the time, she didn't know she was "pregnant" because many of her colleagues insisted the other's romance was over.

"I beg not to mention my name because I mentioned that I was carried to court. It was a beautiful day, the whole set was filming until 3-4am, that day urged the whole set to shoot quickly before 11am, to spend, let the idol take me to drink the red solution, finish and then drive me to 7749 hotels that were full of rooms. Taking each other to Da Nang to play, at that time said that they wanted to marry me, wanted me to give birth to a c.hild. At that time, I wondered if it would bring happiness to people. That's why I said goodbye. I don't know if the relationship is clear, I'm afraid I'm doing 'tuesday'," Nam Em shared about his past.

Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is - Photo 3

Miss Mekong Delta 2015 said that after she rejected the marriage proposal, the two decided to break up, until it was time to film "7 Buds Season 2" to meet again. At this time, the emotional relationship between her and the other healed. However, unexpectedly, the other person proposed to another g.irl, causing Nam Em to "turn on his back".

"Then when we filmed 7 buds season 2, 7 buds 2 seasons, season 1 finished filming and then we should meet again in season 2. Notice, the whole season 2 I acted very dirty. At the time, he still wanted to hold on to me. I was confused again, many people in the profession said to break up. I didn't know if I had broken up, so I was afraid of getting famous. But my heart was broken again.

On January 15th, I went over to my house for my birthday, wearing a cotton shirt. And on January 19, when he proposed, he wore the same cotton shirt. And before that, I still came over to hug and kiss, happy birthday to me. I turned on my back because I didn't understand what was happening. I don't know if I'm going to have to 'die' in the end."

Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is - Photo 4

After the ambiguous romance, Nam Em clarified that because she wanted to support her "loved one", she went to the media to identify herself as the third person: "I know that he likes to be famous and likes to be in the newspaper, so I just sat in the chair for 1 hour to tell everything. I'm willing to say I'm the third person to lift him up. Now I realize it's not love, I'm just a media pawn, and yet I've always been reviled and swallowed bitterly."

Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is - Photo 5

After the broadcast, the content of Nam Em's livestream immediately attracted the attention of netizens. People are now speculating on the identity of the man whom Nam Em did not mention in the story.

Nam Em told all the stories of being asked by male stars of Vbiz to go to the hotel, 1 detail fans know for sure who it is - Photo 6

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