B.aby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink

KengJun 19, 2024 at 16:11

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After successfully making B.aby Monster become the top 5th generation Kpop group, YG Entertainment recently continued to r.eveal a project with huge investment for their pet.

Accordingly, YG posted an image announcing the name of the song that g.irl group B.aby Monster is about to release.

Specifically, B.aby Monster (including Rami, Asa, Ruka, Ahyeon, Pharita, Chiquita, Rora) will release the digital single "Forever" at 0:00 on July 1 (Korean time).

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 1

But what caught the audience's attention was the illustration for this product. On the photo appears a card and a pair of silver-white shoes.

This bright, gentle style is completely different from the main image of strong personality that B.aby Monster has shown so far.

Many people speculate that maybe this time the YG g.irl group will release a ballad product, instead of rap-hiphop. Previously, B.aby Monster released the pop-ballad song "Stuck In The Middle" (January 2024) but it did not explode as expected.

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 2

B.aby Monster currently has many advantages, after successfully conquering the audience with the members' talents.

Like senior Blackpink, the 7-member g.irl group is gradually building a certain number of die-hard fans. The proof is in fan meetings with a scale no less than a concert.

The group's domestic digital music achievements have improved significantly. However, B.aby Monster still needs a real hit to pop up after "Batter Up", "Sheesh", "Like That".

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 3

"Forever" will be the opening song for the group's first full-length album, expected to be released in September or October.

Meanwhile, B.aby Monster's series of fan meeting events across Asia called "See You There" is still being held, going from Tokyo (Japan), to Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, and Taiwan. North (Taiwan, China) and Bangkok (Thailand).

Elsewhere, while B.aby Monster is enthusiastically promoted by YG to inherit his senior's position, Blackpink is separate and is expected to have difficulty working as a group.

Debuting in August 2016, BlackPink has entered the second chapter of its career. Each member finds their own management company, pursuing a "two paths" strategy: group activities under YG Entertainment and individual activities with their personal management company.

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 4

On June 18, main vocalist Rosé announced a management contract with The Black Label. Rosé will start a new journey with the company founded by Teddy in 2016, who is also BlackPink's "intestinal" music producer. Previously, three members Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo established their own company to develop their personal activities.

In December 2023, Jennie was the first in the group to establish her own company, named Odd Atelier (OA). She quickly affirmed her brand and style through solo activities, actively promoting through music, television shows, variety shows... Recently, the female idol contributed her voice to the digital single Spot! by Zico.

Meanwhile, Lisa founded the company LLOUD in February 2024 and announced a partnership with RCA Records under Sony Music. In addition to music, Lisa is also preparing to debut as an actress by playing in the HBO series White Lotus season 3. There is information that she will star in the next season of The Walking Dead, but Lisa's side has not confirmed it.

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 5

In February, Jisoo officially launched the company Blissoo and focused on her acting career. BlackPink's eldest sister confirmed her role in the movie starring Lee Min Hoo Omniscience Reader and the zombie-themed drama - Influenza.

In December 2023, BlackPink renewed the exclusive contract with YG Entertainment for group activities. Although rumors of disbandment spread due to the lengthy contract negotiation process, the members still decided to re-sign to ensure their solo career and group reputation.

Rosé is the only person who does not set up her own company but entrusts it to her close collaborator, Teddy. However, being associated with The Black Label makes fans conflicted, because it does not guarantee the regular activities of the company's artists such as Jeon Somi and Taeyang.

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 6

On the evening of June 18, Rosé reassured that she thought carefully and took time to research before making a decision and that the new company would ensure her goals. The On the Ground singer said that from the end of 2023 until now, she has mostly been in and out of the music room, preparing for new products and hoping for the welcome of fans.

Baby Monster announced the name of the new song, determined to escape the shadow of Blackpink - Photo 7

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