B.aby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared

Hoàng PhúcJun 13, 2024 at 07:20

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Recently, SM Entertainment just revealed the new g.irl group SMNGG. Accordingly, the company's training center shared a photo of 12 female trainees, candidates for the upcoming g.irl group in 2024.

SM Entertainment's move caused a stir in Korean public opinion. On online community sites, the public continuously discusses topics such as "SM Entertainment's new g.irl group has 12 members", "New g.irl group following the SNSD orientation", "Na Haeun becomes the visual of the g.irl group". new"...

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 1

On Pann (Korea), the majority of viewers think that SMNGG is likely to follow SNSD's model with many members working together. However, there are also some opinions confirming that SM Entertainment will not debut all 12 members, but will change in the near future.

Public opinion also focuses on Na Haeun - the "dance prodigy" who caused a stir at a.ward ceremonies in Korea, having covered dances from Blackpink, Twice, BTS, EXO... In 2022, Na Haeun joined SM. Entertainment as a trainee, expected to debut with SMNGG.

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 2

In addition, the future of Vietnamese trainees also attracts the attention of domestic fans. Many sources say that a g.irl named Lan was not chosen to debut in SM Entertainment's new g.irl group. However, the above information has not been confirmed, the future of the Vietnamese member is still unknown.

Currently, Korea's leading entertainment company has not yet announced specifically how many members the g.irl group SMNGG has. But according to the introduction information, Aespa's juniors will be talented young girls, strictly selected, promising to form a potential g.irl group.

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 3

SMNGG is expected to debut around the fourth quarter of 2024. This is SM Entertainment's new group, promising to bring a new image and color to Kpop.

In addition to SMNGG, this summer, SM also announced the return of a series of music groups. Following the plan for the second quarter of 2024, SM Entertainment revealed the first images of the comeback dates of 5 artists at the same time on the official page, leaving fans "breathless".

This summer's Kpop race is predicted to be very fierce when the "giant" SM gives its groups a lot of comebacks, but still invests heavily and has different quality in both visual and auditory aspects. The reason for having to produce products for many artists at the same time while ensuring perfection is thanks to SM Entertainment's central management system. Specifically, each such center is in charge of managing 2-3 artists.

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 4

Among the groups scheduled to return by SM Entertainment in the summer of 2024, there are aespa from center 1 called "One Production", Red Velvet from center 3 called "Red Production", NCT WISH from center 4 "Neo Production". ", finally SUPER JUNIOR and RIIZE from center 5 "Wizard Production".

Super Junior and new music product in the 19th year of their career

The single Show Time has a funk-pop sound, with MV and choreography, marking the group's return under the name Super Junior after 18 months since the winter album released in December 2022 titled Celebration. In the posted teaser images, the 8 members of SUPER JUNIOR impress with their dashing looks at the U40 and U50 levels, wearing T-shirts and baggy jeans with a strong 80s vibe.

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 5

Fans actively supported when Super Junior still invested in launching new music products while preparing for an Asian tour starting on June 23 called SUPER SHOW SPIN-OFF: Halftime.

Ho Chi Minh City is also a tour destination. The ELF community will have the opportunity to reunite with the band, just one year after the SUPER SHOW 9: ROAD concert attracted more than 15,000 spectators, causing excitement at Military Region 7 Stadium in March 2023.

"Summer Queen" Red Velvet and her comeback with the mini album celebrating her 10th anniversary

SM Entertainment's g.irl group with a unique dual concept of the colorful, fresh "Red" and the ever-attractive "Velvet" is about to reach the 10-year milestone. This is a very special achievement for a g.irl group, a testament to their endurance in the face of Kpop's harsh elimination.

Unlike the "fighting chickens" also announced by the management company on June 9, Red Velvet members announced the mini album Cosmic through a 3D graphic video without showing their faces. But that alone is enough to make fans excited. In the posted video, the star's abstract rotation angles form the word "RV" (abbreviation for the group's name), with candy pastel colors and bling-bling effects, which can't help but make viewers think of Magical animated movies like Winx, Sailor Moon...

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 6

Most netizens hope that this comeback will use the "Red" concept, because this is Red Velvet's "specialty" every summer and always brings a lot of commercial success to the group (single). Nominated as The Red Summer with the hit Red Flavor received the Digital Music Bonsang at the Golden Disc Awards in 2018). However, they also expressed disappointment at SM Entertainment's hasty preparation and announcement, just 2 weeks before the group officially returned with a mini album marking an important milestone.

"The youngest brother" NCT WISH entertains fans with a Japanese single

NCT WISH - the last rookie male group of the NCT system, debuted in early 2024 under SM Entertainment, is preparing to return with the Japanese single Songbird. The song is marked as the group's first comeback, without many changes in concept, still with dreamy youthful vibes.

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 7

The single will be released on June 26, followed by the Korean version on July 1.

Baby Monster was threatened by an SM rookie, a Vietnamese member appeared - Photo 8

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