BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback

Đông NguyênMar 22, 2024 at 09:35

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The impressive amount of m.oney that YG agreed to spend just to re-sign the contract with Blackpink made the online community shake. It can be seen that the value of this group has increased a lot.

Recently, in a business report just released on March 21, YG Entertainment surprised people by listing the amount of 41 billion won (equivalent to about 719 billion VND) in the "" Prepayment - Exclusive bribe". This impressive number marked a major turning point in the artist management policy of Korea's top entertainment company.

What is especially noteworthy is that last year, YG did not spend m.oney to recruit any new artists from outside, nor did they renew contracts with current artists, except for famous g.irl groups. BLACKPINK. Even when compared to other stars affiliated with YG, few can receive a large advance payment like the way the 4 "Black - Pink" girls received.

BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback - Photo 1

With BLACKPINK's contract extension, YG had to spend up to 40 billion won. Equivalent to 4 members of the group, they will receive about 10 billion won (about 175 billion VND). This is not a small number, especially when considering the annual depreciation of 5.5 billion won. Based on this data, it can be predicted that the group contract extension period will last for 7 years.

It can be seen that YG is very determined to retain the "golden egg-laying hen" BLACKPINK by investing this huge amount of m.oney. Not only that, this is also an important step in creating a strong and stable artist community for the company. Currently, BLACKPINK is not only YG's "money tree", but also a symbol of the K-pop wave reaching the world.

BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback - Photo 2

Overall, this is an understandable move by YG when the group's Born Pink world tour last year earned impressive revenue. Up to now, Born Pink World Tour has earned more than 260,597,475 USD from selling more than 1.48 million tickets around the world. According to YG, Born Pink is the most epic tour in the history of K-pop g.irl groups.

Thanks to a stable reputation, each member can easily develop their personal career. Currently, the 4 girls are constantly busy with individual projects and have no plans to get back together.

Overall, the fact that YG Entertainment spent this large amount of m.oney shows the importance of BLACKPINK to them, as well as demonstrating the company's determination to maintain and develop a team of artists in the future.

BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback - Photo 3

Previously, in December 2023, YG Entertainment announced the successful re-signing of exclusive group contracts with all 4 BlackPink members. This news caused the stock price of the "giant" Kpop to skyrocket as soon as it was announced.

BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback - Photo 4

"We have successfully reached an agreement within the board of directors to re-sign exclusive group contracts for all 4 members of BlackPink, artists under the company." This side said that after careful discussion with the group, the two sides signed an exclusive contract for the group's activities "based on deep trust".

Yang Hyun Suk, YG's Production Director, also responded to the above news: "I am very happy to be able to continue my relationship with BlackPink. In the future, BlackPink will try our best to shine brighter." more in the global music market and as a Kpop artist. We will give them full support and trust in what they do."

BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback - Photo 5

The successful agreement also brought positive impacts to this entertainment company, one of which was a sudden increase in YG shares exceeding 60,000 won, up 25% compared to the time before the announcement (according to data from Bloomberg) and this number shows no signs of stopping.

BLACKPINK received 719 billion VND for their reunion with YG: Promising an explosive comeback - Photo 6

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